Samantha's Home Page

My Second Grade Memories

I love my teacher because she helps us with the work. This was the best school. I learned about whales, Greece, and birds. It was fun. The work that I did in school was fun I will miss the class and the room a lot. I love school a lot. It is good to go to school and it is very important.

Self Portrait

June 1998

The First Pet Dog

I stopped suddenly one day while I was walking. I heard a soft howling sound behind the tree. I went to explore. I found a baby wolf. I felt a little terrified. I started to walk away but I tripped over a rock. I got hurt. The pup walked over and licked my face, to make sure I was ok. I brought the pup to my cave and fed him a bone.

My Best Family

They get me anything in the world. We are the best family. We do not fight with each other. They are nice to me. It is a good thing to love your family.


Hi! I am Samantha. I am new to this class. I like blue birds. They are my favorite. They may be your favorite animals.