Back to School

Mrs. Schumacher's first grade class is very happy to be back in school. Here is what happiness is to these adorable children.

Happiness Is

Happiness is being cute and crazy.
Happiness is your birthday.
Happiness is pictures.
Happiness is having fun.
Happiness is being pretty.
Happiness is playing.
Happiness is reading.
Happines is walking your cat.
Happiness is lots of fun.
Happiness is school.
Happiness is playing with friends.
Happiness is going to bed.

In celebration of H.A. Rey's birthday on September 16, and their return to school, Mrs. Cobb's class read Curious George books. Here are some stories they wrote. If you wrote any Curious George stories, Mrs. Cobb would love to read them.

Curious George

by Brian

George and I ride in a hot air balloon. We went so high. We were having so much fun because air was blowing in our faces. Then it got dark in the city and the balloon popped!!! We landed on a car. Then we fell off on the grass. Day came and we saw a carnival. They were sailing balloons. They blew our balloon and we went back home safely.

by Lauren D.

One day Curious George and I went up in a hot air balloon. We saw the whole world. We saw mountains. We saw water and clouds. We were flying and an airplane came by. It hit the air balloon and we spun around and around. We landed in China. We met a lot of nice boys and girls when we were in China. We stayed for a week. Then we said goodbye and left.

by Stephen A.

One day Curious George and I went in a hot air balloon. We landed on a buffalo. It had big horns. It ran fast. The balloon popped because an airplane dropped a nail on it.

Keith and Lizzie were both in my class last year. Now they are in Mrs. Reilly's third grade class. They are both happy to be back to school.

Back to School

by Lizzie H.

Back to school
No more pool
Its almost winter you see
Get ready for a spelling bee

by Keith L.

B is for the books that we read
A is for the answers that we give
C is for the children
K is for the kids at Clinton

T is for the terriffic teachers
O is for the outstanding grades

S is for the school itself
C is for the computers we use
H is for the holidays we want
O is for the outside where we play
O is for the organized desks
L is for the learning we do.

Mrs. Joline has some very talented writers in her fourth grade class. Here is why they are happy to be back to school.

Back to School

by Laura P.

Back to school, horray!
Summer fun is now over,
Back to school, now work.

by Alex D.

I love going back to school. Especially the first day. I like the way teachers keep talking and have no time for work. I also like school shopping. I think it's fun. Especially shopping for clothes. Every year I buy more different clothing and school supplies.
So far I like 4th grade the best. My favorite and best subject is reading. I read a lot. I think it is a lot of fun to read. I am looking forward to a lot of work and field trips. I have a lot of friends in my class. I want to make a lot more friends.
I am worst at math. I can not tell time or do times tables. I love to count money. At a camp I did orienteering which is using a compass to find your way through the forest or anywhere. I did well with it. I think it will help me in social studies. My goals are to learn how to tell time and be able to do times tables. I would also like to make new friends.

by Lauren C.

School is fun. I love science. You learn in school. When you get the hang of it you will love school. Mrs. Joline is very fun. We play games and do lots of things. I liked maps. I like math and English. I always have homework and think it is fun. I love to be back to school.

I know you will enjoy reading these fantastic poems and stories written by Mr. Eaton's fifth grade students.

Back to School

by Megan K.

Back to school is so cool.
No more swimming in my pool.
So much work to be done.
I guess I'm having a little fun.

Welcome back is what they say.
Tomorrow is another day.
And don't forget, is most of all.
you always have the biggest ball.
When you go back to school.

by Nicole P.

It is September again, people are shopping.
Kids are getting nervous, and so are the teachers.
Some kids are upset and some are excited.
Back to school today.
The kids aren't ready to work.
They still want to sing and play.
The summer is over, all over.
Back to school today.

by Kenny G.

Here it is, I'm back to school,
Summer's over and no more pool,
All of the subjects including math,
Come to me in a flash,
At least there's still lunch,
With all of my friends in a bunch,
At last comes the end,
And that's the same for this too!

by Joey R.

The first day of school
can be a pain.
Especially when they say
it's going to rain.
I have tons of homework
three pages or four.
And while I'm doing it
I get really bored.
When I'm done I finally want to play.
Then Mom says what more can I say
but, go to bed
And that is the end of my day.

by Owen H.

Today is "back to school day." "Wow!" I said, "I have a new teacher." He is new in the school! His name is Mr. Presto! I was excited. It was my first day of fifth grade! Mom gave me my lunch and I met my friend at the bus stop. "What teacher do you have?" asked Kerry. "Mr Presto." she said "Me too!" We got on the bus. When we got to school we raced to our class. The room was dark and spooky. I found a seat. All of a sudden the lights sparked and all of a sudden Mr. Presto appeared. He acted like a magician or something. He is the best!

by Nicole P.

One day Maria walked into a store and a sign said, "Special Back to School Prices!" The day after that she went to Walmart and saw 5 signs that said, "Low Back to School Prices!" Everytime she went to a store there was a sign that said, "Back to School!"
Maria didn't know why because she thought it was still July and she knew the signs only came in August. She asked one of the cashiers at K Mart why the signs were out so early. The cashier said, "What do you mean early, school starts next week." Maria remembered when school started and ran to get things for school. The next week she walked to school and said, "Welcome Back to School" to everyone she saw.