About This Site

I often get e-mail from people who would like to know how they could make a site like mine. I have only been creating websites for a year and consider myself a "newbie." For starters, all of my work is done at home during vacations, evenings, and weekends. It would be impossible to do this job at school while teaching a class of children. I have my own scanner, and digital camera. A great deal of time goes into shopping on the net for the perfect graphic. I also have to type in all the text and check to see that the links are working. Almost all of my work is done with notepad. I have used Word for Windows 97 on some pages and I am learning Front Page. I must admit there are times that I get very frustrated, but the positive reinforcement that I receive and the pride of my students and their parents keep me going. My son is away at college and my daughter graduated and is working in Boston. I never would have been able to spend all of this time when they were home. My husband is very supportive of my work and is a valuable resource. Below are some helpful web tools that I used in creating this site.  Click on this link to view my page of credits.