Special Thanksgiving Research Project


This year our class will be participating in an Internet project. I did this project last year and found it to be a wonderful way to teach math, social studies, writing, reading, and technology. You children need to go to the market with you and record some prices. We will use this information as part of the project. For those of you that have Internet at home you can read about this project at:


Thanksgiving Detectives



The information needs to be in school by Thursday, November 20.

Data to Collect

Item Unit of Measure Price
Fresh turkey Lbs.  
Frozen turkey Lbs.  
Whole cranberry sauce Lbs.  
Jelly cranberry sauce ounces  
Fresh cranberries ounces  
Frozen pumpkin pie Whole pie  
Fresh pumpkin pie Whole pie  
Canned yams ounces  
Fresh yams ounces  
potatoes Lbs.  


You may also include other information, such as...

Share favorite family Thanksgiving recipes for turkey and dessert.

List some of your favorite ways to eat leftovers.


The children will be receiving data from all the schools in this project and will be given copies.

Thank you for your help in this project.


Susan Silverman