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My Trip to Mexcio

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I went to Baja California.   I went on a whale watch.  It was even better then going to a temple.  The whales I saw were giant and friendly.  I also saw some fish.  Just seeing these whales made me feel great.  Just to tell you it was hot.  I also saw some nice sea birds and that's all I can remember so that's my trip to Mexico.  The End

May 19, 1999


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April 26, 1999
The above worksheet comes  from a thematic wolf unit by Evan-Moor Corporation.


A Most Important Poem

A wolf...
Can hear another wolf's howl
One or two miles away
But the most important thing is
That it has pups before it dies.

April 15, 1999

Venn Diagram

A comparison of the original Little Red Riding Hood to the Chinese version, Lon Po Po

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Reflection: I think I put a lot of effort into my work.  I also am proud.
February 24, 1999

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Reflection: I like my work.  I think I colored neatly.  I also think it looks good.
January 15, 1999

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Dec. 21, 1998


S is for shark

H is for hammerhead

A is for Alex the shark

R is for rocks

K is for MaKo sharks that attack boats

S is for sand tiger shark

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My Partner

I would pick K J because he is very smart.   He is a good writer.  I know he is a good speller because he understands well.   He is a very nice friend.  I know we'd get an A+.

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A mouse ran from a cat at an old house at 12:00 PM to get a slice of cheese.


One day at school we tried to make a lightbulb light up with a battery and wire.  We did it but we were the last ones to finish.

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Stregna Nona's Magic Lessons
by Tomie De Paola


Bambolona went to Strega Nona for help.


Big Anthony tried to learn Strega Nona's magic.

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Strega Nona tricked big Anthony.

My name is Alex. I am 7 years old. I like school. I have a sister Cassie. She is 4 years old. My family is very nice. I help my dad cut the lawn.  My mom’s name is Diane.  My Dad’s name is Guy.  I have a pet fish.  I collect sports cards.  My favorite sports are baseball and soccer. I like to play with my friends.