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Science Experiment

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Today we did an experiment on what keeps a whale warm.  First we put plastic gloves on.  Then we put Crisco on one of them.   Then we put our hands in ice water.  I learned that blubber keeps whales warm.

May 19, 1999

The First Pet Dog

There was a little cave girl that found a wolf.  She asked him if he was cold.  The wolf said, "Yes, I am."   Come in and sit by the fire with me.  Have some milk.  The wolf said I am usually scared of people.  The cave girl said my mom and dad are out hunting for some food to eat.  The wolf said my family is hunting but they are with the pack.  I got lost.  And that's why he became a cave dog.

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April 23, 1999

The Most Important Thing

An otter floats on it's back
Sea otters eat sea urchins
Sea otters have 600,000 hairs on their body
But the most important thing is that they wrap their babies up in sea weed
So they don't float away.

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March 31, 1999

Annie and the Wild Animals
My Favorite Parts

My favorite parts were when Taffy had three fluffy kittens.  That made Annie very happy.  Now she'll never be lonely again.  My second favorite part was when the moose put his head in the window.

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I think I did a good job because I was neat.
January 5, 1999

My Mt. Fuji Adventure

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When I climed to the top of Mt. Fuji there was an avalanche but I didn't get hurt.  After that I met a nice witch.  She let me in.  And we had hot chocolate.

December 18, 1998

My Partner

If I had a partner it would be Alyssa because she is intelligent.  She is a good artist too.  She has good handwriting.  I like Alyssa because she is my friend.

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Pumpkin Math

Beginning: Today we answered questions.

Middle:  Today we counted pumpkin seeds.

End:  Today we put seeds on paper in rows of 10.

Hi!  My name is Alishia.   I love animals.  This is a picture of my uncle's dogs.  I like to ride my bike, rollerblade, and swim.

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