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Today we did an experiment about blubber.  And first we took the bucket and we filled it up with water.   Then we had to put some gloves on our hands so our hands would not get greasy from the Crisco.  And then we experimented to put our hands in the water.  Then we wanted to see if the hand with Crisco on it and the hand without the Crisco was very cold.   And the one that had the Crisco was warm.  I learned that blubber keeps whales warm.

May 17, 1999

Sometimes I Feel Like An Alpha Wolf

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Sometimes I feel like an Alpha. I feel like an Alpha because I boss my cousins around.  Sometimes I like to boss them and sometimes I do not like to boss my cousins around.  And their moms do not like it when I do it.  My cousins love me and I love them tool

April 27, 1999

The Seven Chinese Brothers
by Margaret Mahy

My favorite part was when the seventh brother made a river.  And he was crying.

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February 26, 1999

Stone Fox
by John Gardiner

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January 26, 1998
Graphic organizer scanned by Jonathan L. our fifth grade technology helper

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December 18, 1998

My Partner

I would like to work with my friend Nicole.  She is a good artist and also she is smart.  I trust her to be my partner.  I like her and she is very nice to people.  We have fun together.

Haunted House

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Be nice to bats
A bat is a mammal
The biggest bat is the fox bat
Some bats eat insects

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are juicy
caramel, fruit, get

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Watermelon Math

Today we had a watermelon day.  We picked seeds out of a watermelon.  I had fun.  I want to do it again.

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My name is Alyssa and I like to read.  I like the Spice Girls.  I love jumping on my trampoline.  I went to Barbados in June and I got very tan.  I like to color.

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