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What does blubber do for whales?  I'll tell you what blubber does for whales.  My class did a science project with Crisco.  Crisco is like blubber.  Blubber is fat and Crisco is fat too.  First a person from each group took a bucket and filled it with ice and freezing cold water.  Second we got plastic gloves.  Next we put Crisco on one glove.  The Crisco is very greasy.  Then we dipped our hands in the bucket of ice water.  I learned that blubber keeps whales warm.

May 19, 1999

My Trip to Mexico

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The first place where I went was Baja California.  I was at Baja California to whale watch.  I saw a grey whale and I petted one.  It was so cool.  Next I went to Mexico City.   I learned to count up to ten in Spanish.  This is how you count in Spanish: uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez.  I saw the people do the Mexican pole dance.  The pole dance is done with five men.  Four men hang themselves to a pole by their feet.  One man tied on the top of the pole.  I had to trade in American money for pesos, Mexican money.  Then I bought a sombrero because it was so very hot.  I mean hot.

May 14, 1999

White Wolf

My report is about white wolves.  White wolves eat sick caribou and other meats.  They live in Alaska. Wolves are white with some grey and weighs 100 lbs. or more.  To survive they need to work together.  They're hunted for their fur.

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April 30, 1999

Sometimes I Feel Like An Alpha

Sometimes I feel like an alpha when I boss my sister around.  I make her do things she's not supposed to do.   And I boss my friends around sometimes.  But when I boss them around sometimes I get caught by a teacher or a grown-up.  I lead the pack and I get to eat first.   I'm the female.  I'm watching my litter while the male is out hunting.

April 28, 1999

The First Pet Dog

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One day a cave child was in her cave.  Her mom and dad were off hunting.  "I'm cold, I will sit near the fire," she said.  The cave child went outside to see if her mom and dad were home.  But then she found a baby wolf.  She said, "Oh, you look so cold and you must be hungry.  I know I'll name you Lucky because you survived out here all alone."  Lucky the baby wolf was afraid to trust the cave girl.  But he tursted her.  "I think my mom and dad won't mind that we keep you," said the girl.  And when her mom and dad got home they said it was okay.  Since that day on people had dogs for pets.

April 27, 1999

The Chocolate Touch
by Patrick Skene

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Feb. 9, 1999

Stone Fox
by John Gardiner

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Jan. 22,1999
Graphic organizer scanned by our fifth grade technology helper, Jonathan L.

Annie and the Wild Animals
by Jan Brett

My favorite parts are when the moose stuck his head in the window.  And my second favorite part is when Taffy had kittens.  And I like the part when all the animals said, "I'm hungry."   And the part when the bear asked for cake.  I liked all those parts!

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I like my work because I only had 4 mistakes.  And I worked hard.
Jan. 4, 1999

The Day I Climbed Mt. Fuji

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Today I went to Japan.   It was so cold and it was snowing.  I was going to climb Mt. Fuji.  I wanted hot chocolate so badly.  Then there was an avalanche!  I was so scared!   I was almost to the top.  It was so hard.  I was the first one to climb Mt. Fuji!

December 18, 1998


S ome sharks are extinct

H ammerhead sharks eat fish

A whale shark is the biggest

ARe sharks nice?

SharKs don't kill people

S harks don't get cancer

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My Partner

I would choose Rebecca because she is honest.  And because Rebecca works carefully.  She's a good friend and a good student.  I really want her to be my partner because she's a nice person.  I really trust her.

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There was a hungry cat.   He ate the cheese in the mouse hole at lunch time because he didn't like mice.

Watermelon Math

Today we had watermelon.   We ate watermelon.  It was yummy.  We counted seeds.  We did a graph.  We had fun.

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Hi!  My name is Amanda and my favorite movie is Spice World.  My family is very nice.  I have a dog named Bingo and he is very nice too.  I have one hamster named Spike too.  My best friend in the whole world is Lizzie.  I love to swim.   I like to camp.  I like to play.  I like to watch T.V.  I love reading.  My sister is nice and likes to work on the computer and my aunt and my mom work.