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Sand Everywhere

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Sand, sand, everywhere
Sand in my big, big, ears
And more sand in my pears
Sand in my hair
Sand everywhere
Sand on my sister
Sand on my blister

May 24, 1999

The Most Important Thing

Wolve are
Wild free
loving animals
But the most important thing is...
They are kind and loving animals

April 15, 1999

The Black Snowman
by Phil Mendez
beginning, middle, end

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January 28 1999

A New Ending to Annie and the Wild Animals

After a while a lot of animals were there.  Annie had no more corn cakes.  Then spring came along.  All the animals left.  Then Taffy was back with 12 little cats.  She named them Dotty, Kelly, Ashley, Lauren, Katy, Alex, Cory, Amy, Sharon, Karen, Calighi and Cordy.

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I feel proud of myself.  And I want to do it again.
January 5, 1999

My Mt. Fuji Adventure

One day mom and I went on the airplane to Japan.  We went on American Airlines.  When we were there we saw Mt. Fuji.  We went up it.  We were at the middle of the mountain and then my mom fell down.  I grabbed her and she didn't die.  One minute we were there.   We made it!  And that was that.

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December 18, 1998


S is for sharks in water

H is for hammerhead

GreAt white is my favorite

R is for rocks they hide in

MaKo is one of the sharks

S ometimes they play

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My Partner

I would pick Rae because she is intelligent.  She is the best artist to me.  Rae is creative.  She is careful.  We would be nice partners.

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A mouse and a cat ate cheese in Mexico at 3:02 because the mouse runs and the cat eats cheese.


One day at school we tried to make a lightbulb work.  What you do is twist the wire around the light bulb.  And you put the wire on the bottom.  And then it went on.  And I said, I did it!  I did it!


Bats are good
A bat is a mammal
The biggest is the flying fox
Some bats eat insects

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Hi, my name is Charlayna.  I like the movie Cats Don't Dance.  I like my sister and my dad and my mom.  I like to ride my bike and play with my friends.  I also enjoy singing.

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