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What does blubber do for whales?   First my class and I got a bucket with ice and cold water in it.  Then we got gloves and we put Crisco on them.  It was disgusting and mushy.  Then we put our hands in the water.  I learned that blubber can keep whales warm.

May 17, 1999

Giant Pandas

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Pandas eat flowers in the springtime and they also eat bamboo.  Pandas live in China somewhere in the mountains.  Pandas have round ears and sharp teeth.  And they are black and white.  Pandas are endangered because their homes have been cut down.  Sometimes pandas play in the snow.

May 5, 1999

Sometimes I Feel Like An Omega

Sometimes I feel like an omega because my brother makes me feel like one.  He is too violent.  And sometimes he bothers me.  I do not like when he does that.  I love my brother but sometimes I just don't want to be near him.  He is 26 and soon he will be 27.  I thought he would know not to be like that.

April 27, 1999

All About Owls

Today real owls came into our classroom.   I learned a lot about owls.  One thing I did not know was that owls cannot spin their heads.  They can only spin it half way.  There are a lot of different owls and not all owls are nocturnal.  All owls have to move their heads because owls cannot move their eyes. The barn owls make a lot of noise.  I also learned that owls do not make any noise when they fly.  Owls also hunt at night but a hawk does make noise when it flies.  Owls are different sizes.

March 11, 1999

The Black Snowman
by Phil Mendez

Jacob was a mean boy.  He did not like being black and was disrespectful.  One day his brother and him went to build a black snowman out of black snow.  Jacob thought that it was dumb but it wasn't.   It was magic.  The next morning Peewee went to collect cans at the old building that caught on fire.  The snowman told Jacob that his brother wa in the old building and went in the building and got his brother.  But before they could get out the fire got closer.  When the snowman got in the building he started to melt.   Jacob rescued Peewee from the fire.  And he learned that being a black person was not bad at all.

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January 20, 1999

My Favorite Part of Annie and the Wild Animals

My favorite part was when Taffy and the kittens came back.  Annie was not lonely anymore.  That is my favorite part.

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January 4, 1999


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January 4, 1999