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My Trip to Mexico

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First I will see the whales.  Then I will see the ruins.  I would hope to see an iguana.  I like to see the pyramids.   I would go to the beach.  I want to see the people weave.  I would like to speak Spanish.  I would not drink the water.  I will go to the forest.   I will enjoy the sights.

May 19, 1999

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March 11, 1999

My Trip to China

One day I went to China.  I saw a dragon dance.  It was fun.  I learned to speak Chinese.  It was cool.   I went to the Great Wall of China.  It was Chinese New Year and people got red envelopes.

February 26, 1999

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Dec. 18, 1998

If I Had a Hedgehog

If I had a hedgehog I would name it Hedgehog.  My family would like him.  I would feed him bugs.  I would let my hedgehog in my room.

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S is for shark

H is for hammerhead

A is for attack

R is for rock

K is for maKo sharks

S ilky sharks

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Sand Painting

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Watermelon Math

The watermelons were good to eat.   We counted seeds.  It was fun.   It was a very good day.

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5 W's Watermelon Poem

An alien watermelon
Went to a football game
Tuesday night
At Port Jefferson
Because he likes football

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Hi!  My name is Chris.  I am having fun with my new puppy.  My favorite sport is surfboarding and swimming and I am glad to be going into second grade.

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