Winter is Here!

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Mr. Eaton's Fifth Grade Class

I like winter because I can have lots of hot cocoa.  I like winter because I can play inside a lot.  Christmas is fun because you see your family.  I also like winter because it snows.  Sometimes the snow looks nice.  I enjoy watching my dog jumping around in the snow.

Winter at my house is fun.  We usually make fires in our fireplace.   When Christmas comes we open the presents in our living room.  When we open the presents the wrapping paper gets all over the room, but we all help to clean all the wrapping paper up.  We even give our pets Christmas gifts.

Winter in Australia is probably better for me because I get hives from snow.  It doesn't snow there.  I would like winter there.   Even if it is hot there.  I would also like still having Christmas here.

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I like winter because we can build snowmen and have snowball fights.  I could make snowangels and push my sister down.  I also like having hot cocoa after playing in the snow.  After I come in I am cold!   That is why I like winter.

Winter at my house is fun because we play games together.  Shoveling is fun because we do it together.  My dad pulls me and my sister on a sled.  If my dad is inside, we pull each other.

Winter around the world is not like ours.  Some people don't celebrate Christmas.  They might celebrate Chanukkah or Kwanza.   But either way winter will still be fun.

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I like winter because I can build big forts.  I can make snowballs and then throw them.  I can eat the snow out of the air.  I can make small igloos.

The winter at my house is relaxing.  We shovel show in the beginning of winter.  We drink a lot of hot cocoa.  We like to measure the snow.  My dad video tapes my sister and I outside sometimes when we are acting very silly and weird.

Some places are hot during the winter, like the desert.   Some are very cold like Alaska.  But right here on Long Island it is just right.

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I like winter because I play in the snow with my little brother.  We build snowmen even though there's only one centimeter of snow.  Sometimes I'll go to my aunt's house and go sledding.  After playing in the snow we drink hot cocoa and snuggle to the heater.

Winter at my house is fun.  Normally we have a fake tree that's jam packed with ornaments.  This year we're having Christmas at our house instead of my grandma's house because she is just going to be moving into her new house.  There will be 26 people at our house including me.  My cousins are scattered along the east coast and Ohio.  So we don't see them a lot.

Winter around the world is different then where we live.   First of all, the weather is different.  Like in the rainforest they don't get snow in the winter, but people in Canada get heavy snow from October to March.  Some people celebrate different holidays like Kwanza and Hanukah. Also different people might celebrate the same thing but speak a different language.  So winter is celebrated in many ways, just not Christmas.

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I like winter because my sister and I build snowmen.  Sometimes we even have snowball fights.  We always try to build an igloo every year but it always falls down or we run out of snow.

Winter at my house is so much fun.  My sister and I go outside to build a giant stand and then build a snowman to put on top with our friends.

If I went around the world all winter long it would be fun because I would be able to see the difference between China at Christmas time and here.  I bet there would be a whole lot of difference.

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I like winter because of the snow.   Every winter I have a lot of snowball fights.  I'll make a snowman.  It will be so big.  I like winter because you can play football on the snow.

Winter at my house is ok. We get lost of presents likea bike, video games, toys and lots of other things.  My house at winter has music and lots of songs.

Winter around the world is not that good because in some places there is no snow.  That means no snowmen or snowball fights.  The rainforest has no snow.  I feel bad for those places without snow.

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I like winter because I can get toys and I also get to play outside in the snow. My cousins come over to my house to enjoy Christmas Eve.  I like winter because most of the time the snow is really deep and my dad has to shovel the driveway.  The snow becomes ten feet high.

I like winter because my parents get to spend more time in the winter with the whole family and friends.  I also like winter because I celebrate Christmas.   At winter in my house everybody is busy getting decorations up on the house.

Winter around the world has a lot of snow except Florida, the rainforests, and the desert.

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I like winter because I build things, have snowball fights with my dad, go sled riding, and I also celebrate Christmas and Chanukah.

Winter at my house is nice and comfortable.  We don't have a fireplace but, we do have heat.  This year my grandparents are coming up from Florida for Christmas and Chanukah.

Winter all around the world is happy.  A lot of people celebrate the holidays.  If you are a wild animal or a person that lives in and by rainforests, you don't get any snow.  That must stink.

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