Freddy's Page

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June 11, 1999

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Freddy created this illustration of The Call of the Wild by Jim Murphy in Kid Pix Studio.  It shows a wolf trying to escape poachers.

April 22, 1999

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March 4, 1999

The Wild Toboggan Ride
by Suzan Reid

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Feb. 8, 1999


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Dec. 21, 1998


S is for the many species of sharks

H is for their habitat

ShArks are not bad

R is for the rocks in the ocean

K is for MaKo sharks

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A mouse ate cheese at the store on Saturday because he was hungry.


Haunted House

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Bats are not bad
All bats are mammals
They use echolocation
Some bats eat fruit

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My name is Freddy.  I am turning 7.  I like basketball.  I ride my bike.

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