Martin Luther King  Jr.
by my former students

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Hello my name is Lauren, I am going to explain to you about Martin Luther King Jr. Back in the 1950’s the was a big war for right's.  Martin Luther King became a leader in the Civil Rights Movement overtaking the south. His first challenge was the boycott of the buses in Montgomery, Alabama. Mrs. Rosa parks, a black seamstress refused to give up her seat to a white person. The arrest of Mrs. Rosa Parks triggered the 382-day boycott by black passengers. Many of the whites blamed Dr. King for the success of a bomb  exploded on his family's front porch. Then came a wonderful day when the blacks became free from a wonderful speech. And this is how it went.

"I have a dream that this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed." "I have a dream that the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down at the table of brother hood." "I have a dream that the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of the oppression will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream that my four children will one day live in the nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character..."

Well that’s all!

Reflection: Hello my name is Lauren.   I'm going to tell you how well my handwriting has improved.  My handwriting has improved by wishing and trying very, very hard.  I also think it changed by my mom and dad  because they kept telling me Lauren you have to write  neater. All of my friends used to say that I write sloppy,  but now I right better then them!   And that's how I think my handwriting has improved.
Lauren A.  Grade 3

I wish there was more peace.   Without peace the world could be dangerous.  Many people, including kids and other innocent people could get hurt or even die because of no peace.  Because of no peace wars, fights and feuds break out.  They use guns, bombs, and other weapons.   I think that fighting doesn't get you anywhere and doesn't solve anything.   Talking things over is a better way to solve things.  I wish the world were peaceful.

Reflection: I think my writing has improved because now that I know more, I can think up more ideas quickly.   I use better grammar, am better at spelling and use bigger words.

Jonathan  L. Grade 5 (Mrs. Silverman's technology helper)
January 19, 1999

I think the world can have peace if we all work together to make it a better place to live.  Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream where everybody was treated equally.  If we all could follow his dream, I truly think the world would be a better place.  Nobody would be fighting about differences.  People would get along  better.  Everybody should work out their differences through communication, not weapons.  If people would do this there would be no more wars.  Peace shouldn't be a dream, it should be a reality.

Reflection: I think my writing has improved because it's more accurate.  I use better grammar and I've learned more words.   I use more details in my stories and sentences.  I can write more at one time instead of just two sentences.  I show more creativity in my writing because I continue to enjoy writing.

Kathleen L. Grade 4
January 19, 1999

I had a dream for peace.   Where there is no bullying.  Also where everyone cares for each other.   Where everyone is treated equally, and no one is treated by what they look like but how they act.  When there is no bullying not many people will get black eyes.   Also when there is no bullying there will be less broken bones and horribly bad boo-boos.  When everyone cares for each other that will stop bullying and there will be less robberies.  When everyone is treated equally less people will not have friends and that will help the world get together in peace.  When no one is treated by what they look like on the outside and only by what they act like people will learn not to like others because of what they did in the past.  That was my dream and I hope you had a dream for peace too.

Reflection: I think I have improved in many things.  Like I think I have been quicker in typing.   I feel I am much better at writing stories.  I also feel I am less scared to go up and read to others.  I am glad I had Mrs. Silverman

Kaitlin V. Grade 3
January 19, 1999

I would love to have peace in the world.  I wish there would be no fighting in the world.  I wish people would all be friends.  I also wish that were was no killing people.  I wish everyone would just count what is inside.  People should be nice to each other.

Reflection: I can type faster.  I use to be shy in 2nd in the beginning.  But now I am not shy anymore.  Now I am not shy to go up to the class.  I am much better at things.  I loved being in Mrs. Silverman's class.

Brianna N. Grade 3
January 19, 1999

This is about Martin Luther King, Jr. and how he made peace and stands for peace among different races. Martin Luther King felt that everyone should be equal and have equal opportunities to live their lives as best they can.

This means everyone should be able to have equal rights to vote, to eat in the same places together, to use the same transportation, to use the same bathroom facilities, to be in the same places together in an equal way, to have an equal education, to compete for equal job opportunities and to have an equal right to decent housing.

In essence, that all people should be able to have dignified and decent lives without being harmed or killed by others, or put in jail because of the color of their skin or their ethnic background.

Martin Luther King, Jr. believed in the brotherhood of man. He had a dream that all people could work together and improve all their lives.

Reflection:  I feel that my writing has improved since I was in your class. I use many,
more meaningful words in my sentences. I enjoy describing my feelings and things that I've taken part in. I am a pretty articulate person and I like speaking to people.
Ariel S. Grade 4
January 19, 1999

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream was a simple one.  It was that his children would live in a world where people would not be judged by their skin color, but by who they are.  It was a dream of peace.  When Martin told his dream it became a turning point in American History.

Reflection: I think that I have improved my writing a lot since second grade.  I've been able to type faster and spell better.   My punctuation and vocabulary improved.  Last of all, my writing ideas are better than two years ago.

Scott P. Grade 4
January 20, 1999

My gift to the world would be world peace, to stop hate and help the needy.

I would also try to find cures for sickness.  I would try to make everyone happy.

I would try to stop prejudice and make people understand that being different does not matter.  I would make sure that no child goes to bed hungry and has a safe place to call home.

Reflection: My handwriting has changed in many ways.  This is how:
1.  I can write faster
2.  I can write neater.
3.  I can write big or small.

Kristina P. Grade 3
January 20, 1999

I want people to stop doing drugs.  I also want people to stop smoking because their lungs can turn black and they can get lung cancer and die.  I want more people to give money to the poor so nobody can starve and live in the street.

Reflection: My handwriting has improved by writing neater and in cursive.

Alexis B. Grade 3
January 20, 1999