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My Trip With Steven

One day I went on a whale watch.  I saw a gray whale.  Then I went to bed and then the next day in the morning I saw a blue whale.  It was big.  Then I ate breakfast.  Then I went fishing and then I went swimming with the dolphins.  It was fun.  Now I am eating lunch.  I'm eating some pizza.  I'm going home.  I am at home.   My friend Steven came over.  We went in my pool with my dog.  It was fun.   Steven slept over my house.  We ate dinner and had icecream.  We went to bed.  the next morning we saw whales and we saw a lot of birds.  It was fun.   We ate lunch.  It was good.  We went home.  We rode bikes.   When we got home we played with my dog.  The End.

May 27, 1999
Reflection:  I think my story is really good.  It tells some stuff about whales.

The First Pet Dog

The cavemen saw wolves and saw the pups.  The pups went near them and let him pet it.  They gave wolves food and called them dogs.  Another cave man gave all of them bones.  In the back of the cave there was a light.  It was their bed and they urinated because it was their territory.  And one day they left and another pack came and licked their feet and then played.  Then they made formula and poured it on the wolf.  Then it changed into a dog.  The cave man's name was Kevin and there were seven dogs.   Their names were: Johnny, Mike, Steven, John, Alex, Freddy and KJ.  Then they left.  Then another pack came.  A pup went on the bed and jumped on Kevin.   Kevin woke up and saw another pack.  He saw a pup on him and fed him.  He taught him how to fetch.  Puff, Johnny flew out of nowhere.  Freddy flew out of nowhere and so did John. A pup fell on my head.  We all fell but the cavemen caught us and made us tea.  The wolves licked our feet and we played fetch.  We made a track in the snow.  They left and another pack came.

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April 26, 1999

Owl Prowl

Today I saw live owls.   I saw a screech owl.  I saw a barred owl and a barn owl and a blind owl.   It lived in a dead tree on a farm and people cut the tree down and the owl fell on its head.  Now the owl is a blind owl.  The people did not know that the owl was blind so the people that came to our class have the owl and now it has a good home.   Owls need more woods because everyone is cutting down the wood to make houses.   There are different species of owls.  Owls have sharp talons on their feet.   It was fun when we got to see the live owls.  Owls look cool.  We compared one owl.   They all have wings.  The barn owl was cool. I was holding a feather in my hand.  Alyssa was holding one too.  The barn owl can see 73 miles.

March 11, 1999

My Day in China

One day in the summer I went to China.  I saw the Great Wall of China.  When I went to China I saw a panda.  The Great Wall of China is very long.  I saw a dragon.

February 26, 1999

The Wild Toboggan Ride
by Suzan Reid

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February 11, 1999

My Mt. Fuji Adventure

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One day dad and I went on an airplane and we were going to Mt. Fuji.  We were climbing and climbing and then there was an avalanche.  Then I saw a house.  And I saw a wizard.  I said can you help me?  Yes, said the wizard.  I can help you because your dad is hurt.  Then we helped my dad.

December 18, 1998


Bats are very fragile
A bat is not bad, a bat is good
There are almost 1,000 different kinds of bats
Some bats eat fruit.

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Pumpkin Math

Today we counted pumpkin seeds.  And we made a project.  Now we are doing a story about the project.

I'm John.   I like to play with my goldfish.  I like to play with my dog.

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