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September 9, 1998

Today a few children brought in stuffed animals.  We voted to see which one would be visiting Carolyn Saunder's class at the Sleepy Hollow Elementary School in Antarillo, Texas.  This is part of the Internet project,  Classroom Pet Exchange

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September 14, 1998

This evening I hosted an online meeting for teachers at Teachers.Net.  The discussion  was about The National Educational Technology Standards published by ISTE.  Last spring I did a considerable amount of research on this topic in order to write the a cover story for Classroom Connect.  My article, "Linking Technology Standards to Essential Learning" can be found in the September 1998 issue of Classroom Connect magazine. 

September 15, 1998

This evening was "Parents Orientation" at our school.   The parents were shown a Power Point Presentation on what to expect this year in our class.  Some parents were unable to attend orientation but can view it simply by clicking on the link.

September 16, 1998

Yesterday  we heard the story "Flat Stanley."  Everybody had a Stanley to cut out and color.  Some creative artists even drew their own Stanleys.  All of the Stanleys are on a bulletin board in our classroom. The children took turns coloring in the big Stanley that  will be traveling to different families.  All the students were invited to bring in a name and address of somebody they know for Stanley to visit.

Today we  had a going away party for Stanley.  Children brought in goodies to share for this event.  Stanley will be visiting aunts, uncles, old friends and cousins through the United States and Canada.  We can’t wait to hear about Stanley’s adventure. Everybody watched Stanley get folded flat and put in a large envelope with his journal.  Bon Voyage, Stanley!


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Flat Stanley & Journal


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A Farewell Toast!


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Happy Trails!

This activity is part of the Flat Stanley Internet project.

September 23, 1998

Today we had a wonderful surprise.  Snowflake arrived from Texas.  Snowflake brought with him  some beautiful drawings and letters written by the students in Carolyn Saunder's Class.  Snowflake went home with KJ tonight.   Tomorrow KJ will read his journal and e-mail Mrs. Saunder's students. 

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October 17, 1998

Our Flat Stanley project is becoming more exciting every day!   We are  listed as a "Featured Classroom" on the Flat Stanley site.  I also received feedback from one of our parents on our travel buddy projects that I would like to share.

Hello Mrs. Silverman,
I thought I would take a moment to let you know how much James enjoyed
the mascot programme. It caused him to reflect upon each day and he
realised how much fun he had and all of the things he did.
I have never been exposed to such interesting and innovative learning
activities. Thank you!

*permission was given to reprint this letter

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