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Today we did an experiment about blubber.   First we filled up buckets with water and ice.  Then we got gloves and we had to put Crisco on one of them.  And then we put our hands in the water.  And then I took them out.  I learned that fat keeps whales warm by putting Crisco on my hand.

May 19, 1999

The First Pet Dog

One day somebody saw a baby wolf.   And their name was Bob.  And he brought the wolf in his cave and fed him.   He named his wolf Scrappy because after he ate he left scraps.  the next morning Scrappy jumped on bob when he was still sleeping.  Because Scrappy wanted to play.  And bob gave Scrappy a bath in a little river.  And Bob made a potion out of leaves, sticks, grass, and pieces of plants.  Bob dumped some on his hand and scrubbed Scrappy with it.  The next day Scrappy was a dog and Bob was pretending to be surprised.  Scrappy looked at himself.  He started running around the cave.   And then he started liking the way he looked.
The End

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April 26, 1999

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March 11, 1999

My Trip to China

Hi!  My name is Kaitlyn.  I went to China last week and I came back yesterday.  And I got to stand on the Great Wall.   At first when I started using chopsticks I had no ide how to use them.  And I saw the phoenix and took a picture of it.  I was there for the New Year and someone gave me a red envelope.

February  26, 1999


The Hat
by Jan Brett

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February 10, 1999

Stone Fox
by John Gardiner

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January 4, 1999
This graphic organizer was scanned by our fifth grade technology helper Jonathan L.

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I think my work is neat.  And I think it is ok and not sloppy.
January 4, 1999


S harks are good

H ammerhead sharks are my favorite

A shark isn't a mammal

R ed blood comes out of sharks

K is for Kaitlyn the shark

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My Partner

When I pick a partner I would trust Morgan.  I would pick Morgan because she works neat and so do I.  And plus Morgan and I have good handwriting.  And Morgan and I have very good imaginations.   We are both very smart.

Apology Poem

Dear Turkey,
I am so, so, so sorry that I ate you up.
Will you forgive me?
I wish I married you instead so please forgive me.
Your friend,

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different colors
very crunchy yummy
very juicy

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Pumpkin Math

Beginning: We measured pumpkins and we used measuring tape.  It was fun.

Middle:  Then we cut the pumpkins open and took the seeds out.

End:  Then we counted the seeds.

My name is Kaitlyn.  I have a brother John and a sister Kimberly.  My cat is Max and my bunny is Buster.  I like swimming in my pool and my favorite movie is Mulan.

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