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My Trip to Mexico

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When I went to Mexico I went to Baja California.  First I was in the desert.  Then I got picked up by a bus.   And the bus dropped me off at a lagoon.  At the lagoon I went whale watching.   After that I went to Mexico City.  There I saw everything in sight.  Last I ate half of the dessert cart.

May 19, 1999

Sometimes I Feel Like an Alpha and Beta

When I feel like an alpha wolf I pick on my sisters.  When I feel like a beta my sister picks on me.  When I feel like a beta I get picked on by my cousin.  When my sister plays softball I boss my other sister around.

April 27, 1999

The First Pet Dog

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One day there was a cave boy that was eating meat.  And a wolf saw the boy eating meat.  The wolf wondered if he would share.  And the boy was lonely.  But then the boy noticed the wolf.  At first he was scared.  but then they made friends.  When the cave parents got back they decided to keep him.  Two years later they decided to name him Dog.   The next morning they ate breakfast and played.  Fifty years later wolves evolved.

April 23, 1999

The Wild Toboggan Ride
by Suzan Reid
KJ's Interview

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Interviewer: What happened to you?

Police Chief: I was sat on.

Interviewer: Where did this happen?

Police Chief:  It happened up town.

Interviewer: Who sat on you?

Police Chief:  I forgot who sat on me.

Interviewer: When did this happen?

Police Chief: At 5:00 PM it happened.

Interviewer: Why would you go again.

Police Chief: I got covered with snow.

Feb. 8, 1999
Reflection: I think I did a marvelous job.

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Dec. 18, 1998

My Partner

I would pick Alex because he follows directions in class.  Alex has very good handwriting.  He is a very good student in class.  Sometimes he gets things on his web page it's so good.  He is my friend because I can trust him to do his part.


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Bats are good for our environment
At 12:00 AM they are hungry
The smallest bat is the bumblebee bat
Some bats don't hibernate

Pumpkin Math

Beginning:  Today we did pumpkin math.  We measured how tall.

Middle:  And we measured how big around.

End:  And we counted how many seeds inside.

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I like to play on the computer. I like to do homework, because I like challanges. My name is Kenneth, and I like to be called 'K.J.'