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My Trip to Mexico

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When I go to Mexico I will go to a fancy restaurant.  It will cost a lot of money.  I would go to the beach to go fishing.  I would swim in the blue ocean.  It gets very hot in Mexico.   I will take a siesta.  I will learn how to speak Spanish.  Coffee beans grow in Mexico.

May 19, 1999

The Call of the Wolves
by Jim Murphy

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A pack of wolves saw some caribou.  When the pack went to hunt some poachers came.


One of the wolves in the pack got lost in the caribou herd.  The poachers were behind him and he came to a cliff.   The wolf had one choice and he jumped and hurt his leg.


At the end the lost wolf found his pack and lived happily ever after.

April 21, 1999

My Trip to China

One day I went to China.   I found the Great Wall of China.  I found out about China.  When it was dinner time I ate Chinese food.  I ate the food with chopsticks.  The next day I saw Chinese people riding bikes.

Reflection: Good!!! I like my work because it was nice and neat.
February 26, 1999

The Wild Toboggan Ride
by Suzan Reid

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February 8, 1999

Annie and the Wild Animals
retold by Jan Brett
My Favorite Part

The next day Annie woke up to see a giant nose in her window.  Oh my! said Annie.  She was disappointed that the moose woke her up.  I like the part when the kittens came.

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I like my art.
January 4, 1999

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Dec. 18, 1998

I Wish I Had a Hedgehog

If I had a hedgehog I would name it Hedgie.  I would feed him cat food.  My mon and dad would like him.

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Sand Painting

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Be nice to bats
A bat is important
The smallest bat is the bumblebee bat
Some bats eat fruit

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Pumpkin Math

Beginning:  We cut the pumpkin.

Middle:  We measured the pumpkin.

End:  We counted the pumpkin seeds.   All the time we had fun.

Watermelon Math

Today we had a piece of watermelon and it was juicy.  I love watermelon and I love Mrs. Silverman.

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Hi!  My name Kyle.  My dog's name is Fluffy.  My favorite  tv show is WWWF.  I love my mom and my brother Bobby and my grandma.  I like to surf and go swimming in my pool.

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