Matthew's Page

Matt transfered to another school in our district but his web page will remain up as his electronic portfolio.

Stone Fox
by John Gardiner

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January 28, 1999
This graphic organizer was scanned by fifth grader Jonathan L.

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My Partner

My partner would be Alex.  He is a good worker.  Alex is a good student.  Alex is very smart.  He is a good artist.


One day I was trying to make a lightbulb glow.  Then I finally made it glow by using a battery and a steel wire.

Apple Diamond Poem

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Jonathan L. from Mr. Johnson's fifth grade class helped Matt with this Kid Pix project.

Watermelon Math

First the class ate watermelon.   Second the class counted.  Last the class did a graph.

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My dog Hogan is real strong.  He can pull me on my sled.

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