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First we got bowls filled with ice cold water.  Next we got newspaper and put it on our desks.  Then we got gloves and put them on.  Then we put the Crisco on the gloves and put them in the water.  I learned that the Crisco keeps my hand warm and that blubber keeps the whales warm.

May 19, 1999

The First Pet Dog

A little girl
A wolf

Narrator:  One day the little girl's mom and dad went hunting for food for two days.  The little girl was all alone.  She saw a wolf.  She was scared at first.

Little Girl: I wonder what they left me to eat? (She looked around and found a wild turkey that was cooked.) (After she ate her breakfast her hands were all greasy.)

Little Girl:  I don't know what to do, I am not allowed to go anywhere.

The Wolf: I can show her how to lick her hands.

The Girl: I am going to bed alone.

The Wolf: I am going to bed alone also.  (They slept together.) (They talked together.)

The Girl:  Tomorrow I will play catch with you.  I will take good care of you.  I will give you a bone and I will give you some food.  And I will love you forever and ever.

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April 26, 1999

My Trip to China

I went to China last week.   When I was there I saw the Great Wall of China.  I saw temples.  They looked nice and pretty.  When it was time for dinner I ate Chinese food.  When I ate the food I used chopsticks.  The next day I went to Hong Kong.  It was a nice place to visit.  I bought some things there.  The next day I went to Taiwan.  Taiwan is a great place.  The next day it was raining.  I stayed in and read some books and practiced Chinese letters.  The next day it was sunny.   Today I am going to look for the phoenix. 

I went to the store and I asked the woman how to get to the phoenix.  She gave me a map and I had to look for things.  She gave me an hourglass and said I had no time to lose.  The first thing was the Great Wall of China.  It took me one minute to find it.  The next thing was a temple.  It also took me one minute to find the temple.  Now I only needed two more things.  The next thing was a boat.  I found a boat and I noticed some words at the bottom of the picture of the boat.  It said to ride the boat down the river.  Now I only needed one more thing.  The next thing is a dragon statue.  I was in my boat and I saw the dragon statue.  Now I have to find the phoenix.  When I cam to land I saw a tree.  I looked in the first tree and found the phoenix.
The end.

February 26, 1999
Teacher's note: Morgan was inspired by seeing the video Big Bird in China.

Stone Fox
by John Gardiner
a comparison of the movie and the book

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January 22,1999
venn diagram scanned by Jonathan L. our fifth grade technology helper

My Mt. Fuji Adventure

I was climbing Mt. Fuji when there was an avalanche.   But I didn't get hurt.  I was fine.  Mt. Fuji has rocky sides.  It is hard to get to the top of Mt. Fuji.  In two days I was at the top.  It was a long climb to get to the top.  If you climbed Mt. Fuji it's gonna be hard!  You need gear to get to the top of Mt. Fuji!  I was all by myself.  When I was coming down there was another avalanche.  I had snow all over me but I kept on going.   Now nothing would stop me from coming down.  When I was off Mt. Fuji I went home and told everybody about my adventure.

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December 18, 1998


S is for sharks who clean the ocean

H is for hammerhead who swims way down deep

A hammerhead eats fish

R is for reef shark who swims in the reef

K is for MaKo shark that some people call great white

S is for sand tiger shark who swims in the sand

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My Partner

My partner is nice.   Her name is Kaitlin.  She is good at handwriting.  I trust her.  We are friends forever and ever.  I will do the picture and Kaitlin will do the writing.

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The mouse went into the kitchen at 1:00 AM because he saw cheese.

Haunted House

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Pumpkin Math


Today the first thing we did is we did a pumpkin sheet.


We counted the seeds.   We had so much that we had to use two papers.  We didn't get to the bottom of the second paper but I'll tell you how many seeds we had.  We had 170 seeds.


We cleaned up and packed up and went home.

Watermelon Math

Today we did a histogram.   We ate watermelons.  We counted the seeds.  We had fun.

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Hi! My name is Morgan.  I have a pet bird named Diamond and she is a parakeet.  I love all kinds of animals. I have a little sister named Jamie and she goes nuts all the time.   Some of my favorite things are: going to the beach, having friends over, swimming in my pool, play with my bird. and play ball tag.  My best friend Colleen is going to Terryville this year and that makes me sad.  My favorite movie is Homeward Bound.   I can't wait to meet you in September.