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Mermaids on the Rocky Shore

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Mermaids in the water
Mermaids in the sea
Mermaids always whisper to me
Holding my hand when I swim
The mermaid said, "Hi, my name is Kim."

May 24, 1999

The First Dog

One day a long time ago there was a girl who was very sad.  She sat by the fire in her cave.  All of a sudden she heard something and looked outside and saw a wolf.  First she was a little scared and then she felt fine.  Then she got hungry and had some chicken.  The wolf barked.   the girl let him in and gave him a bone.  Then she said, "You should be the first dog."

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April 26, 1999

The Most Important Thing

Sea Otters...
Have a flat tail
When you pick them up they feel like first graders
Eat's clams and some other things
But the most important thing is the otter not to get dirty.

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March 31, 1999

The Wild Toboggan Ride

by Suzan Reid

Nicole's Interview

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Interviewer: What happened?
Hockey Player: I crashed into a mail carrier.
Interviewer: How did that happen?
Hockey Player: Well I was going to score a goal and a toboggan went across the ice and I fell on it!
Interviewer: When did this happen?
Hockey Player: At six o'clock at night.
Interviewer: Why did this happen?
Hockey Player: Somebody tripped on his scarf!
Interviewer: Who did the toboggan belong to?
Hockey Player: The toboggan belonged to Nicki.
Interviewer: Where did this happen?
Hockey Player: On Chipmonk Street.

February 8, 1999
Reflection: I think I did good on my work.  I took my time and tried my best.

The Magic Doll
Nicole's sequel to
The Black Snowman
by Phil Mendez

One night a man brought home a cloth.   He gave it to his daughter for her doll.  When she saw the kente she put it on her doll.  She was amazed at the cloth.  When the girl was not looking her doll came alive!  The doll was dancing around and everything.  Her mother said, "Look at the doll" to the girl.  When her father came home he was amazed at the doll!  And they said, "We will not tell anybody about this."  So everyday the girl played with the doll.

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Jan. 26, !999

Stone Fox
by John Gardiner

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January 22, 1999
graphic organizer scanned by fifth grader, Jonathan L.

Annie and the Wild Animals
by Jan Brett
My Favorite Part

My favorite part of this story is when the moose got his nose stuck in the window.  It was funny.  I think he has a big nose.  And the animals really wanted more corncakes.  And I think Annie really got annoyed.  The animals were very funny in this story.  This story was one of the funniest stories I heard!  And the bear was funny.

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I think it is great to be doing this work.
January 4, 1999


S ome sharks are big, some sharks are small

H ammerhead sharks eat little fish

A big shark has nothing to worry about

R udolph is afraid of sharks

Don't K ill  sharks, they are good

S ome sharks look weird

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My Partner

I would pick Morgan to be my partner.   She is very neat and she takes her time.  If I were doing a report with her I would ask her to be the author.  Morgan is very friendly.  And that's why I want her to be my partner.  And also she is very nice.

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A hungry mouse went to the park to eat cheese at 8:00 in the morning because he was hungry.


Today we did something fun.  We made up a group and learned how to make a lightbulb work.  We had a battery, wire, and a lightbulb.  I was the first one to get the lightbulb working.  It was fun.   We had to take the wire and wrap it around the lightbulb and put the end wire on the bottom of the battery.  Then it will light up.


Bats are nice
A bat is good
Take good care of bats
Some bats suck blood

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Pumpkin Math

Beginning:  We measured our pumpkin.

Middle:  And then we looked at it and wrote what color it was.

End:  We counted the number of seeds.

Watermelon 5 W's Poem

A silly watermelon
Went swimming in the lake
At 1:00 in the morning
In New Jersey
Because he was silly
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Hi!  My name is Nicole.  I like to swim.  My bird's name is Rico.  He is my favorite pet in my house.

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