November Stars

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Mrs. Cobb's Second Grade Class

Turkeys are what people eat
Having Grandmas and Grandpas are nice A kitchen is where you prepare
Now is the time to prepare
Kitchens are good for Thanksgiving Saying prayers are good
Giving thanks
I am thankful for my parents.
Visiting Grandmas and Grandpas
I am sad when Thanksgiving is over
Now it is time to go home
Giving thanks

By Nicole

Thanksgiving is for family
Happy times
Apple pie - it tastes so good
Nuts and fruit
Kitchen - it smells so good
Salad in a big bowl
Get a plate and start to eat
I go back for seconds
Very good corn and mashed potatoes
I am thankful for this holiday
Next day no school
Giving the turkey out to my family

By Jonathan

If I Were A Turkey

If I were a turkey, my name would be Jessica.  I would go to a carnival.  I would play games too.  Then I would go home.
I would feel great!  I would live in the forest.  When it was  Thanksgiving I would run and run.  Then I would hide behind a tree.   The hunters would not see me.  I think humans should eat cranberry sauce,  apple sauce, chicken and salad instead of turkey on Thanksgiving.

By Amanda

If I Were A Turkey

If I were a turkey my name would be Sunny. I would live in India. I would hide near the long grass because they have a lot of hunters. I would eat corn and the hunters will smell the corn! Hunters won't like me because I don't take a bath so they will go away and I will be saved.

By Adrienne

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Mr. Eaton's Fifth Grade Class

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We Give Thanks

I'm thankful for many cousins, aunts, and uncles.  I love my cousins because they love me back.  All of my family live in good houses.  Most of us live close together.  We get together as much as possible.  This Thanksgiving we're going to be split up.  Normally we go to my grandma's house but she moved.  Thanksgiving will still be fun.

I am thankful for all of my good friends, and teachers.  I have very good grades in school.  Also, my school isn't on the top ten list of worst schools.

I'm thankful that the world isn't dead yet, because of all of the pollution.  My world is mostly peaceful but sometimes it's not.  So, that's what I'm thankful for.  I almost forgot to be thankful for my home.

by Katie C.

We Give Thanks

I give thanks to my family because they all love me and care about me which is very special to me.  My whole family makes great Thanksgiving food.  That is why I give thanks to my whole family.

I give thanks to my school for my education.  Without school I wouldn't have friends.  School makes you feel good about yourself.  That is why I give thanks to school.

I give thanks to the world because without the world we would be floating around in space, and without space gear we would die.  Life would stink without the world.  That is why I give thanks to the world.

by Glen G.

We Give Thanks

I give thanks to my family for caring a lot about me.  I also would like to thank my relatives for always being there for me.

I give thanks to all of the teachers I had for being the best they could be.  I also give thanks to my principal, because I couldn't do anything without her.

I give thanks to the world for trying to stop pollution.  I also give thanks to the world for making it a better place.

by Heather M.

We Give Thanks

I give thanks to my parents because they feed and listen to me.  I thank my sister because she gives me clothing advise.

I give thanks to the school because they give us education and when I go there I see my friends I can't see at home.   They also give us exercise.

I give thanks to the world for giving us trees, water, and air.  If I could I would stop pollution.  The world gives us things and we should thank it.

by Logan C.

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The photos that are on this page were done in art class under the guidance of Mr. Ray Huysman, our talented art teacher.