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Miss Florin's Third Grade Class


Happy Halloween
A lot of costumes
Lots of candy
Little children trick-or-treating
Owls whooing loudly
Witches saying
Eeee eee
Eeee eee
Never be scared at night

by Nikki B.

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HAppy Holidays
I like to j
Ump in the leaves
Monster costumes

by Samantha K.

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Umping in leaves

by Glenn N.

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A lot of candy
Under costumes
Trick or treating
Umpkin Picking
Carving Pu
Ng leaves

by James L.

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By Brian D.

By James L.ghost.gif (4171 bytes)

By Glenn N.By Samntha K.By Nikki B.


;;Mrs. Baxter's Fourth Grade Class

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The Pumpkin

My pumpkin is the size of my dog.  Open it and yucky stuff comes out.  He likes to eat the children's candy and run away.

by Nicholas H.

My  Pumpkin

My pumpkin is as orange as an orange and as round as a beachball.
It feels hard and squishy in the inside.  It love the part when scary costumes come along and drop candy inside.

by Kristin R.


I am a jack o lantern shining bright as a moon.  People take me home, cut me open, take my organs and put a light in me on Halloween night.  I like to see how much candy the monsters get.  Sometimes I get scared on Halloween but I get through on Halloween night.

by Ashlynn Q.

A Ghost

I'm a ghost as white as a sheet.  I feel scared of all the children.   When I tried to scare one he scared me back.  I like to jump out of the bushes and scare people.

by Nicholas W.


My witch is as witchy as my sister and as mean as the wicked witch.   It turns a lot of kids  into frogs and toads.  It hates grown ups too.   It likes to give out  poison apples.

by Ariel S.


My pumpkin is as big as a dog.  It's feelings are hungry, hot, sticky and happy.  It likes to see the kids go trick-or-treating on Halloween.

by Bobby S.



Mr. Eaton's Fifth Grade Class



Autumn is my favorite season.   It is also my favorite time of year.  All the different colors of the leaves are wonderful!  I enjoy autumn because when I walk all the leaves fall on my head.   Also I enjoy autumn because of it's wonderful smell!  It is very peaceful!

by Karianne L .

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Autumn is a season also known as fall
The days get short,
the nights get long
The birds stop singing
their summer song.

The cool autumn breeze
takes the leaves off the trees
Leaves on the ground spin
round and round.

Pumpkin picking, Apple picking,
jelly apples are fun licking.
Bobbing for apples on Halloween night,
Keeps away a terrible fright.

Witches, goblins, and mummies galore
Come down the street and knock on the door.
They all come looking for something sweet
All through the neighborhood you can hear
"Trick or Treat."

by Kerri L.


Mrs. Byrne's First Grade Class
In the fall
I like to rake leaves and jump in the leaves.

by Nicole K.

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In the fall I like to play with my brother and trick or treat.

by Lissett A.

In the fall I like to trick or treat and jump in the leaves.

by Michael L.


Ms. Moller's Fourth Grade

Here lies a snake
Who took his last bite

When he bit a lady
with all his might

The snake did not know
of the poison she bled

So now he is under
6 feet and dead!

by Toni-Ann S.

Here lies   a fat lady who ate
a rhinocerous,
A tale which most find
quite preposterous.
It happened one day
on a trip to the zoo.
She thought it was lunch
and decided to chew.
Her coffin is covered with
bagels and lox.
Don't go near there, you
might get rhino-pox.
One day she came back,
at midnight you see
to catch a bird, a cat
and then ME!

by Dana A.

Here lies a monster
Who scared himself to death.

No one really loved him,
because he had bad breath.

He roamed the earth with
a pout and a frown

His "mummy" even told him
"Brush your teeth up and down."

Eventually his teeth rotted
and fell out.

Now he lies in his grave,
With much to think about.

by Sara D.

Here lies a boy
Who liked to cry wold.

The storybook said, he deowned
in the Gulf (of Mexico that is)

A surfer dude saw the entire
And tried to save him from
the stormy ocean.

So let this be a lesson to him
Never cry wolf, even if you can't

by Sebastian R.

Here lies a cyclops
With only one eye

He lost the other
While eating some pie.

The baker who baked it
Was stricken with grief

How could my pie be
an eyeball thief?

by Kaitlyn O.

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