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My Trip to Mexico

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On my trip to Mexico it was hot in Mexico and cold.  I saw many beautiful fish.  There were many different colors.

May 17, 1999


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April 30, 1999

The Seven Chinese Brothers
by Margaret Mahy

My favorite part is when the sixth brother went in the fire.

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February 26, 1999

Stone Fox
by John Gardiner

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Jan. 22, 1999
graphic organizer scanned by our fifth grade technology helper, Jonathan L.

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Dec. 18, 1998

If I Had a Hedgehog

If I had a hedgehog I would name her Rosie.  And I would feed it cat food.  And my parents would be happy with it.  I would like it.

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My Partner

I like this partner Morgan because she has good handwriting.  And she is smart and she is good.  I can depend on her.  We will be nice partners.

Pumpkin Math

Pumpkins are orange.   Pumpkins have a lot of seeds in it.  Pumpkins are mushy.  I opened a pumpkin in school today.

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Watermelon Math

Today in math we had watermelon.  It was yummy.

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Hi!  My name is Priscilla.  I am 7 years old.  I have 2 sisters and 1 brother.  I am the 2nd girl.  I have a dog.  Her name is Lady.  My father is a policeman.   My mother works for the school.  I took gym and karate.  I will take jazz.  I like art and dance.

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