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Giant Pandas

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Giant Pandas eat bamboo and meat and honey when they can get to it.  Giant Pandas live in China in bamboo forests.  Pandas have very big teeth to break bamboo.  Panda are black and white.  They are born in a den.  They are pink when they are born.  Pandas have two different color skins.  Pandas love to play in the snow.  They have round ears and they look cuddly but their fur is rough.

May 5, 1999

The First Pet Dog

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One day a cave woman named Roxie stared at a wolf.  It stared back.  After that the cave woman gave the wolf some diseased caribou.  The caribou was near her cave.  The wolf was kicked out of it's pack.  So the wolf became Roxie's pet.  Roxie named the wolf Rackie.   Twelve days later Roxie discovered that Rackie was sick.  A year later Rackie got even sicker.  Rackie tried to get healthy but there was no way.  She had a weak heart.  Roxie took her exercising but she did not know her first exercise would be her last.  Moments later Rackie had a heart attack.  but she will never forget her.
The End

April 23, 1999


There once was an otter named Ollie
He was quite jolly
He went to Mrs. Silverman's class
He had a blast
The class had a party for Ollie.

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March 31, 1999

The Seven Chinese Brothers
by Margaret Mahy

My favorite part is when the seventh brother cries and makes a big river.  It was very funny.

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February 26, 1999

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
by Roald Dahl

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January 29, 1999

A New Ending to Annie and the Wild Animals
by Jan Brett

One day Annie was going to feed her cat Taffy. She gave her a normal amount.  Taffy was gone. Annie was very worried. It was 3:30 no Taffy. She made corn cakes but only wild animals ate the corn cakes. Spring came and Taffy appeared with 8 kittens. Annie named them Caly, Erica, Cindy, Cory, Cely, Cary Melanie and Pimin.

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I like the kittens' names.  The names give them character.  I like it a lot.  I like it all.
January 4, 1999

My Mt. Fuji Adventure

One day my family and I went climbing up Mt. Fuji.  It was not fun a horrifying avalanche came.   My sister and I were climbing.  She fell off the rope.  I caught her.   She almost died.  I saved her life!  I was very happy I saved her life.   We finally got to the top.  We met a good witch.  we stayed with the good witch until mom and dad came up.

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Hi! My name is Rae. My favorite movie is Simba's Pride. My family is very nice.  I'm seven years old. I have a little sister named Monica. She's two years old.   She's cute!  My mom and dad are very, very nice.

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