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May 13, 1999

My Favorite Clothes

My favorite clothes are my bell bottoms.  I love my bell bottoms.  They are terrific.  I like to wear them every day.  Bell bottoms look like bells.

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I like what I did.  I like the picture.
January 11, 1999

My Partner

My partner would be Amanda.  I would do a report.  Amanda and I like Alaska and bears.  The bears are good to us.  Amanda and I like bears.


Bats are good to people
A bat is not scary
The smallest bat is the bumblebee bat
Some bats eat bugs

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are sweet
and are good

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My Stregna Nona Dream

Stregna Nona is making the mop clean the floor magically.

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Hi!  My name is Rebecca and I have a dog and cat.  I have another cat.

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