Second Semester Rubric
Mrs. Silverman's Second Grade Class

You can get a sticker, a stamp, or a check. It is up to you. You need 25 points for a sticker and 12 and points for a stamp. If you have less then 12 points you will get a check.  



5 points each




3 points each





1 point each

Neatness Work is neat. You took time and tried your best. Work could be a little neater but it is satisfactory. Work could be much neater.
Completed Assignment You finished the whole assignment. Good for you! You are almost finished. You still need to finish much more of this assignment.
Behavior You worked quietly and did not bother your classmates. I only had to remind you a few times about your behavior. I had to remind you too many times to stay on task and stop talking.
Punctuation All sentences begin with capital letters and end with the correct punctuation. You made a few mistakes. There are too many punctuation errors.
Following Directions Your work shows that you listened and followed directions. You followed some of the directions. You did not follow directions.

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