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 Interview with a Horseshoe Crab

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Interviewer:  How many babies do you have at one time?

Horseshoe Crab:  We have 20,000 babies at once

Interviewer:  Who are your enemies?

Horseshoe Crab:  My enemies are birds, fish and eels.

Interviewer:  Where do you hide when your enemies are coming?

Horseshoe Crab:  We hide in the sea grass.

Interviewer:  How did you begin your life?

Horseshoe Crab:  We begin our life in darkness.

Interviewer:  How long did you live on earth?

Horseshoe Crab:  We lived on earth for over 300 million years.

Interviewer:  What do you eat?

Horseshoe Crab:  We eat clams and tubeworms.

Interviewer:  What color are you?

HorseShoe Crab:  We are light gray and pale green.

May 25, 1999
Photograph by Mrs. Silverman at Cordwood Beach, Head of the Harbor, Smithtown, NY

    My Trip to Mexico

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Once day I went to Mexico.  We went to Baja California first.  We saw the whales and the deserts.  The whales were very big.  The deserts were very hot and it was fun.  Then we went to get pesos (which means money).  With out pesos we bought a sombrero and mask.  Then we went to our hotel and we went to bed.  The next day we went to the jungle.   We saw a lot of animals.  Then we went to see the ruins.  They were cool.  

May 19, 1999

     The First Pet Dog

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One day long, long ago there lived a wolf.  There was a family of cavemen.  One day the wolf went to the caveman's house.  They let the wolf in.  So they made the wolf a pet.  One day they were making soup.  The wolf jumped into the soup and the wolf changed into a dog.   They kept the dog for a pet.  And named it Cubby.  The next day they went outside and played with Cubby.  So 100 years past and the cavemen were people.   But the next millenieum there was a different guy that made the same dog back into a bird.

April 23, 1999


Once upon a time long , long ago there was a king named Kingsirella. Kingsirella had a step mom and the Step mom had two daughters. Their names were Jamie and Morgan. Everyday the step mom and the  Daughters had to yell at Kingsirella because they thought she was so slow getting the breakfast ready .   Kingsirella had two mice for friends . Their names were Matt and Kevin. One day there was a ball  and the step mom and the daughters went, except Kingsirella . So Kingsirella said, "Ok , I won't go." So  her step mom and the daughters went to the ball. One of the daughters wanted to get married , and she  saw a man and they danced . When they went home the daughter's shoe fell off . So the prince found   the shoe and he wanted to marry that girl, so he went through all of the town and finally he got to  Kingsirella's house . Kingsirella is a girl . All of the girls tried it on except Kingsirella , then Kingsirella  tried it on and it fit . The daughters foot got bigger and Kingsirella had the same exact size as Jamie. And  so the prince and Kingsirella married and lived happily ever after . THE END

February 25, 1999

Thomas' Snowsuit
by Robert Munsch

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The first thing I like about my slide show is that it looks nice. The second thing I like about my slideshow is my typing . The third thing I like about my slide show is my pictures.
January 23, 1999


The first thing I like about my web page is all my stories. The second thing I like about my web is all my poems. The third thing I like about my web page is my neat hand writing. The fourth thing I like about my web page is my sentences.

January 4, 1999


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Dec. 21, 1998

My Mt. Fuji Adventure

One day on Dec. 25., I went to Mt. Fuji with my family.  It took us 5 hours to get to the top.  When we came down Mt. Fuji there was a big avalanche.  We got snow on all of us.  My brother, my mom, and my dad got hurt.  "Don't panic Sam, we have to get down Mt. Fuji by ourselves!"  When my sister and I went down Mt. Fuji my sister got hurt because she tripped on a rope.  Then I was by myself, but I saw a house on the mountain.  I went to the house and saw a wizard.  The wizard let me in and I asked him if he can help me and he said, "Yes, I can help you, what do you need?"  "I need magic to help my family," I said.   The wizard helped me and my family and my family went down Mt. Fuji and lived happily ever after.

December 18, 1998

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S is for the beautiful sea

H is for the hammerheads swimming back and forth

A whale shark eats plankton

ARe sharks dangerous?

K illers they are not

S is for the wiggly seaweed dragging in the water

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My Partner

If I had to pick a person to do a report with it would be Freddy.  I will pick Freddy because he is a good, good artist.  I will do the writing for the report.  He is a very careful artist.   He has a good imagination.  He does not rush on art.  He has good handwriting.

The Haunted House
Steven L.

 This mad scientist had a patient named Frankenstein. He lived in a haunted house. No body will go there. One day he went to the basement. He saw a coffin. He opened the coffin and a mummy was sleeping.

Five women came to the scientist's house. They were witches. The five witches had wigs on. Their names were, Mandy, Judy, Irina, Lea and Sarah. Everyday the mad scientist went out to get more patients. A man came everyday to take care of the house. The man was a vampire.

Part 2

The mad scientist came home. Nobody knew he was a mad scientist. He had a pet named shadows. It was a cat. The scientist had a Halloween party. He made a potion to turn the kids into spiders. The potion was only for kids. All the kids on the block were there.

Part 3

He turned half of the kids into a spider. An hour later all the kids got turned into a spider. 100 kids saw Frankenstein. They woke Frankenstein and ate the mad scientist. Frankenstein broke in half and all the kids were still spiders.

The end.

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(Steven did this as a homework assignment and e-mailed it to me)

  The Book of Answers About Bats

Bats cannot hurt you.   Bats eat fruit, insects and bugs.  bats help us.  There are 1,000 different kinds of bats.  Bats live in mines, caves, bridges and attics.  The biggest bat is a flying fox bat.  The littlest bat is the bumblebee bat.  Bats help the flowers grow.  If there were no bats there would be a lot of insects.   Bats are not blind.  Bats do not live in very hot places or very cold places.   Bats are mammals.  Bats are nocturnal.  Owls eat bats.  I mean it.   Bats can see like cats.  Fruit bats eat fruit, nothing else.  They hate insects.  I like bats a lot.  Bats have claws.  Bats use echolocation to catch their food.  Do not hurt bats!!!!!

The End

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Pumpkin Math

First:   We measured the pumpkin.

Then: We predicted how many seeds were in the pumpkin.

End:  We counted the seeds.

Watermelon Math

Today we had fun because we ate a watermelon.  We counted how many seeds we had.  We did a histogram.  That was fun.  We had to clean our desks.  We did lots of papers on watermelons.

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Watermelon 5 W's Poem

A big crazy watermelon
Played a game of cards
In school
At 1:00 PM
Because he was crazy

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My name is Steven. I have a sister Irina and a brother Kevin. I like to do math. I like to read. I am going to Lake George and Disney World this summer. I like school. I have a guinea pig named Goosebumps.