Mrs. Anderson's First Grade Class
Valley Forge Elementary
Elizabethton, Tennessee

During the month of October our class enjoyed an interdisciplinary unit on apples. Throughout this unit, students were involved in many facets of learning. The unit introduced the children to literature, writing, science, mathematics, art and social studies in a way that was stimulating and fun for them. The academic skills were coupled with social skills as the children learned to function independently and also as a team member in cooperative groups. The students performed many hands-on activities. One of the objectives for the unit was to taste and graph their favorite apple. Graphs were created with The Graph Club. We also wrote acrostic-style poems about apples. The children typed and designed their own poems with MaxWrite which is part of Scholastic Keys.  Poems were also created in Stationery Studio.

Created in Max Write

Created in The Graph Club

Created in Stationery Studio

Tennessee Standards

Language Arts 1.2.06 a and b.
Prepare a variety of written work and use technology to publish writing.

Math 1.5.1
Develop, select, and use appropriate methods to collect, organize, display and analyze data.

Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Fall Into Autumn 2004