Mrs. Cloer's First Grade Class
Mitchell Road Elementary School
Greenville, South Carolina

During the last week in September we did a multi-disciplinary apple unit. We tied it in to Johnny Appleseed’s birthday. Daily we did different activities with apples. Each day we experienced the tasting of various apple products and compared/contrasted the tastes. We tasted apple cider, apple juice, four different types of apples, apple butter, and apple pie.

After we read Steven Kellog’s Johnny Appleseed. Each child was asked to bring in two apples of different types. We collected the apples together, sorted them by color and shape, and test tasted each type. We had five types of apples. Using Graph Club software, we created tables and different types of graphs to showed what type apples of which we liked the taste. The software was super for showing the difference in line, bar, circle and picture graphs. The software is easy to use and is an excellent learning tool for first graders.


The South Carolina curriculum standards we used included:
Begin using graphic representations such as charts, graphs, pictures, and graphic organizers as information sources and as a means of organizing information and events logically.

Pose and answer questions about charts and graphs relating to familiar experiences.

Compare, sort, and group objects by observable attributes

Use organized data to construct picture, object, and bar graphs.

Language Arts:
Interpret information displayed in a picture graph, object graph, and bar graph using the vocabulary more, less, fewer, greater than, and less than.

Demonstrate the ability to identify the title and author of a text.

Demonstrate the ability to retell stories.

Demonstrate the ability to recall details in texts read aloud.

Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Fall Into Autumn 2004