Mrs. Hicks' Second Grade Class
Blanchard Elementary School
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

We read several books that helped us understand how changes take place in autumn: 


Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!
by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

The First Leaf of Fall
by Louise Phillips

Fall is Here! I Love It!
by Elaine W. Good

Using a digital camera, we took pictures of fall leaves.  Then we wrote 5 W poems about our pictures.  Here’s a few examples:

One red leaf
One dead leaf
In the fall
On the ground
On an autumn afternoon

Many red and green leaves
Alive leaves
In the fall
On the tree.
It's time to jump in the leaves.


We also learned about the science of leaves and made a quiz using Quia called: Rags to Riches: All About Leaves

Using Window Movie Maker and our digital camera, we made a movie showing leaves changing and falling. Take a look at it on our project web site

We enjoyed learning all about fall and did several other things as well, so check out our site to see all our work.

Missouri State Objectives


Follow a writing process to generate a draft, reread and revise work, edit and proofread for capitalization and ending punctuation, and publish writing.


Develop and apply skills and strategies to comprehend nonfiction and use details from text to ask questions to clarify understanding, identify main ideas, and retell sequence of events.


Describe the basic needs of most plants.

Recognize that plants progress through life cycles.

Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Fall Into Autumn 2004