Ms. Huling's First Grade Class
Donaldson Elementary School
Oakdale, Pennsylvania

During the Fall Unit this year, my class focused on various aspects of fall every week.  Among the themes we learned about were Apples, Pumpkins, Fall Animals, and Fall Weather.

The students enjoyed learning about owls the most. Various owl books were read aloud and information was shared. Among the books we used were Owl Babies by Martin Waddell, Owl Moon by Jane Yolen, The Barn Owls by Tony Johnston, Owls in the Family by Farley Mowat and A Toad for Tuesday by Russell Erickson.

The children created owls to hang in our room. They learned how to access the site from our school website and explored it to see photographs of real owls and to hear their calls. The children are currently writing stories using MS Word template about owls. We used the great format/template shared by Marci Mc Gowan (Thanks, Marci, for the good idea!) for her part of this project. Additionally we created our own owls using KID PIX.

Learning Standards:
1.1 Learning to Read Independently
1.2 Reading Critically in All Content Areas
1.3 Types of Writing
1.6 Speaking and Listening
1.8 Research

Science and Technology
 3.3 Biological Science
3.6 Technology Education
3.7 Technological Devices
3.8 Science, Technology and Human Endeavors

Environment and Ecology
 4.6 Ecosystems and Their Interactions
 4.7 Threatened, Endangered and Extinct Species
4.8 Humans and the Environment

Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Fall Into Autumn 2004