Ms. Longordo's Third Grade Class
Harriet Tubman Elementary School
Newark, New Jersey

Pat Longordo, third grade teacher set the stage by reading poetry to her class. For many children, this is a favorite time of year. Eager students demonstrated their awareness of seasonal change as well as their anticipation of both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Writing as a product, and in the genre of poetry students wrote about the environmental impact of seasonal change and about upcoming special events. Students were also given opportunities to share their works and to listen to their classmates’ work. Using Microsoft Word, all successfully created a seasonal document embedding: watermark, interesting font and photo. For security reasons, we are not showcasing students' photos. This activity became a cross-curricular engagement for LAL, Science and Technology. All were very pleased with outcomes!

New Jersey Learning Standards:

LAL - 3.2B Writing as a Product
3.3 Speaking 3.4 Listening
 3.5 Viewing and media Literacy

Science – Earth Materials (FOSS)

Technology 8.1 Computer and Information Literacy Keyboarding Word Processing Publications and Presentations

Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Fall Into Autumn 2004