Mrs. Bennett's Third Grade Class
Bethel Elementary School
Greenville, South Carolina

We began our study by reading Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert. After discussing the different signs of autumn, we brainstormed all of the things we thought of when we thought of autumn time. We made a class web.

After we made our class web, we discussed different types of poetry.  Our favorites were the acrostic poem and one called Our Autumn Eyes Behold.  These were our favorites!


My Autumn Eyes Behold

Red apples in the tree

Orange jack-o-lanterns on Halloween

Yellow leaves everywhere

 Brandon Justice


 My Autumn Eyes Behold

Orange leaves on the ground

Yellow flames in candles

Orange jack-o-lanterns shimmering in the dark

 Sean West


My Autumn Eyes Behold

Orange jack-o-lanterns in the windows

Black cats running across the road

Red trees in the back yard 

Lauren Phillips 


My Autumn Eyes Behold

Brown trees sitting in my yard

Red leaves lying on the ground

Green monsters that are trick-or-treating

  Michael Ham 


My Autumn Eyes Behold

Brown birds flying south

Golden dogs playing in the wind

Silvery moon up high in the sky 

Marisa Calvio


New friends on Thanksgiving

Oven roasted turkey

Very busy because we are going to visit family

Everybody laughs and tries to get along

My brother and me go pick leaves

Big turkey

Eat a whole bunch

Remember our blessings 

Alexis Butler

 We also did a family writing about favorite fall activities or traditions.  We ended up with great stories and memories:


We pick apples in the fall.

The whole family has a ball.

We pick pumpkins off a vine.

When we carve them we have a good time.

We go to Buck horn as a family.

We eat Thanksgiving dinner and play games while

Watching the fire send smoke up the chimney.

Alex Frazier



Fall means football.

Go tigers beat them all!

Fall means Halloween,

Ghosts and goblins not to be seen.

Fall means pumpkin pie.

I can’t wait! My, oh my.

   Alyssa Henson


  The Apple Orchard

Every fall we go to an apple orchard. We pick lots of apples.  There are tow playgrounds, and we played on one of them.  Her was a playhouse.  There were also big haystacks.  We still have some apples.  My dad picked a basket full.  We saw honeybees.

Joshua Forbes

 Finally, since it was an election year, we had a mock election and graphed our class results. We also wrote letters to the president of our wishes for our country.

South Carolina State standards addressed:

3-W1.1 - 3-W1.62 (The student will apply a process approach to writing…)
3-W2.1 (The student will write for a variety of purposes…)
3-W3.2 (The student will use literary models sot develop and refine his or her own writing style)

Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Fall Into Autumn 2004