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Facts About Jan Brett
by Alexandra

When she was young she would spend rainy days reading picture books and felt that she could enter the pages of beautiful picture books. When she was little, Jan Brett wanted to be an illustrator so she spent many hours reading and drawing. Jan Brett had lots of pets when she was growing up. Her family raised guinea pigs, rabbits, a donkey, a horse, cats and dogs. Jan Brett even had a pet chicken! Jan Brett went to the Boston Museum School.

Jan Brett lives in a seacoast town in Massachusetts, close to where she grew up. During the summer, Jan Brett lives in a home in the Bershire Hills. Jan Brett has a pet hedgehog!

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Illustrated by Sal

Acrostic Poetry

H edgehogs have pointy quills, they
E at mice, frogs, small birds, worms, caterpillars, slugs, toads, plants and food.
D uring the winter hedgehogs hibernate when they roll up into ball and make a nest.
G uess what?  You can have a pet hedgehog if you'd like.
E ven Jan Brett the author of The Hat has a pet hedgehog!
H edgehogs can make sounds which vary from sneezing to snorting and clicking!
O f course a hedgehog would be a cute pet.
G ray and brown are usually the colors of a hedgehog.

by Michelle

H orses say NAY!
O f course the horse laughed at Hedgie!
R iding horses could be fun for Lisa.
S ee the book and you will like horses.
E verybody should read the book The Hat because it has great illustrations of a horse!

by Jordan

T he Hat is a cool book
H edgie is a hedgehog
E very animal had a hat at the end of the story!

H ats keep you warm
A ll the animals were funny
T he Hat has good illustrations!

by Danny

J an Brett writes cool books
A very good author
N eat illustrations she makes

B rett is her last name
R abbits and other animals she had when she was young
E verybody likes her books
T he best books in the world are by  her
T he books she writes takes place in the winter

by Evan

Creative Writing

Dear Animals,
Next time when I wear a hat, don't laugh at me and then go get a hat yourself!  Now don't be mean!  Now you animals are wearing hats and I am not.  You animals look silly in your hats.  It was really not a hat that I was wearing, it was just a sock that fell off Lisa's clothesline.  I poked my head in it and then I could not get off.  So there!  Now you look silly!
From Hedgie

by Danny

The Scarf
by Frank

A Hedgehog named Hedgie got a piece of sock wrapped and stuck around his neck.  A horse, a rabbit, and a cow laughed at hime because he looked silly.  they asked what it was and he told them it was a scarf.

The horse, the rabbit, and the cow ran to their barn for something.  They all came out wearing scarves!

Read the book The Hat by Jan Brett.  It is very good!  It is funny because the animals wear clothes.

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By Jordan


You should read The Hat and do an author study of Jan Brett like we did! We made projects after we read her book. We had to choose one or two projectsfrom our Jan Brett contract (list of projects) that Miss Brown made or we could make up our own. It was so much fun! I drew a hedgehog, it was very easy. Miss Brown printed the 'How to draw a hedgehog' directions from Jan Brett's web site and I used them to teach me how to draw one. I also made a poster, it was hard work to advertise the book, but it was a lot of fun!

by Rhys

I had a lot of fun doing this project. I think everyone did. I like when we made Venn Diagrams. I compared The Hat and Trouble with Trolls. The easiest part was when I made the circles because I just used a can to trace the circles. There were also a lot of things that the two books had in common, so that was easy too. The hardest part was when I had to think what made each story different. Everyone made great illustrations and all the projects we made and shared were interesting to look at.

by Lauren

I think that everybody did a super job on our Frosty Readers project. I liked the Venn Diagrams and pictures best. I did a picture of the beginning, middle and end of The Hat. The hardest part was choosing what to draw and then drawing the pictures. The easiest part was coloring the pictures! It is cool to have our projects on the Internet!

by Amanda C.

I think that everyone did a great job on their projects and theyworked very hard!  Everyone did a great job on their illustrations and pictures, they almost looked like they could be published in a Jan Brett book!  We did Venn Diagrams, stories, poster advertisements, a play, and acrostic poems. We also did other stuff too,  like character posters and illustrations of the beginning, middle and end. My favorite project was the acrostic poem"Jan Brett." It was a little easy to write because we learned a lot about her.  It was not at all hard to do. This project was a lot of fun.

by Leah