Mrs. Applebaum's First Grade Class
Norwood  Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York


Here on Long Island we have been having a frosty winter!  What a perfect time to participate in Frosty Readers!  Our class enjoyed hearing many of Jan Brett's books.  Mrs. Silverman taught us how to use Kid Pix and we had so much fun making mittens and selecting animals to fit in them.  Jan Brett has some wonderful masks on her web site and we used them for choral reading.  We hope you enjoy hearing and seeing our work.  Happy Winter!

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Our Welcome Video








Our work in Kid Pix supports the following Nets Standards:
Technology Foundation Standards for Students

3. Technology Productivity Tools: Students use productivity tools to collaborate in constructing
technology-enhanced models, prepare publications, and produce other creative works.

4.  Technology Communications Tools: Students use telecommunications to collaborate, publish, and interact
with peers, experts, and other audiences.

Our choral reading supports the following New York State Standards:
English Language Arts
Standard 2:  As speakers and writers, students will use oral and written language that follows the accepted conventions of the English language for self-expression and artistic creation.

Kid Pix Assessment: This was our first Kid Pix project.  The goal was for each student to be able to use the drawing tool to create a mitten.  They were scored on a 3 point system.
3 points: student was able to complete the task without assistance
2 points: student needed some assistance
1 point: student had a difficult time and needed help with every part of the task

Choral Reading:
3 points: student spoke clearly and accurately
2 point: student had some difficulty reading and projecting
1 point: student had a very difficult time reading the poem and projecting

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