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Brett, Jan- Annie and the Wild Animals

Brett, Jan- The Hat

Brett, Jan-  The Mitten

Briggs Martin, Jacqueline- Snowflake Bentley

Briggs, Raymond- The Snowman

Delton, Judy-A Walk on a Snowy Night

Fain, Moira- Snow Day

Gardiner, John- Stone Fox

Keats, Ezra Jack- The Snowy Day

Keller, Holly- Geraldine's Big Snow

Lewis, Rob- Henrietta's First Winter

Littledale, Freya- Snow Child

McGeorge, Constance W.- Snow Riders

Neitzel, Shirley-The Jacket I Wear in the Snow

Sams 11, Carl R. and Stoick, J.- Stranger in the Woods

Scheidl, Gerda Marie- Flowers for the Snowman

Tresselt, Alvin- The Mitten


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