Ms. Cobb's Second Grade Class
Clinton Avenue Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York


I read the book Stranger In The Woods, by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick. It is a beautifully illustrated "photographic fantasy" created by two noted wildlife photographers. We made predictions as to who the stranger was and shared our ideas as to other snow strangers who may be in the woods. We then wrote and shared the following fantasies for you to enjoy. If you write a story of your own telling about other snow strangers who may be in the woods, please e-mail it to us. 
Ms. Cobb and Class

Stranger In The Woods

Once upon a time there was a stranger in the woods. There were lots of animals. They were scared because there was an animal hunter. The next year an extinct dinosaur came down from the sky. When the strongest creature came by the dinosaur he said,"Why are you here?" I am here top protect you from the animal hunter. The next day the animal hunter came. He said," Look at that stupid dinosaur." The dinosaur said," I will make you disappear." " No, you won't," said the hunter (poof) he was gone. The animals saw what happened. They knew the dinosaur was magical. The animals had a great time.

By Nick G.

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Stranger In The Woods

Once there was a girl named Stephanie. She loved to read so she decided to make a snow book. She lived near the woods. She knew animals lived there so she left some food for them. The next day Stephanie went outside. The food was gone. The snow book was gone too and it was a hot day. Stephanie thought the snow book melted.

By Nicole C.


Stranger In The Woods

Once upon a time there was a snow shark. He was getting sick of the ocean because it was too icy and there was barely any food. He broke through the ice and landed on the snow. He saw a wolf he wobbled and wobbled. He said, " Well I guess it isn't so good after all to live in the woods in the winter." It is too snowy and cold. He went back and he lived happily ever after.

By Sean C.

Stranger In The Woods

Once there were some snow bikes. The animals liked them. They thought that the bikes were strangers, but they found out that they were bikes. Each one had a TV, gears and automatic pedals and made them go fast. They had races with them and had fun. They never knew that I built them.

By Philip

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Stranger In The Woods

Once upon a time there was a snow pool. When the animals saw it one of the animals said, "Who could have built it?" Then other animals saw something. It was a door. He walked in and said, "Come, come." I wonder what we can do? Let's run and swim, let's call this a snow pool. A little boy and a little girl built the snow pool. It was round and white. It was five feet deep. The animals had fun in the snow pool.

By Casey


Stranger In The Woods

One time a buck deer was walking in the woods and it saw a snow star the deer Said, "Wow," and he walked closer and closer. He said, "Who made this snow star"?  And he was thinking of a wish. His wish was that he could talk. He waited 7 weeks and his wish came true. He was very happy.

By Tom C.


Stranger In The Woods

Once upon a time in the beautiful forest there were snow puppies. There were four puppies, two girls and two boys. I named them Melissa, Kristina, J.J. and Duke. They are white and silver. They eat carrots and nuts. Sometimes the two boys bite the girls. The girls have hazel eyes and the boys have brown eyes. They all growl at people they don't know. All the puppies are friendly. The girls are playful and the boys are wild. All of the puppies are sweet as can be. I have to say the best part of my winter in the woods was with my snow puppies.

By Nicole M.

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Stranger In The Woods

Once upon a time a buck was looking for grass to munch on. He went to the lake. When he got there the whole lake was frozen so was the grass. He looked at the trees but they were icy too. One tree had a hole in it. Inside the hole was a blue snow flake. When the buck picked it up it glowed red. The buck threw it down. It hit the grass and bounced into the lake. It melted everything because it was magical. The buck said, "Wow I'd better show the animals this snowflake." They all found food and were very happy.
The End

By Nick O.

Stranger In The Woods

Once upon a time there was a stranger in the woods. Nobody knew who it was. One day one animal came and saw a snow car and said, "I found the stranger." His friends came running and they went to the snow car and drove it to Long Island. They made new friends. They played every day and had fun.

By Joey B.



Stranger In The Woods

One day in the woods there was a pair of snow shoes. A fox found the snow shoes. It put the snow shoes on. When the fox tried to take the snow shoes off they started to do Irish dancing. The fox said," What is going on?" His friend came along and said, "Your feet are dancing." The fox said, "How do you get these snow shoes off?" His friend said, "Try pulling them off." The fox tried pulling them off. They did not come off. He went to be a dancing teacher.

By Ashley

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The Stranger In The Woods

One day all the animals in the woods were about to go to sleep for their long winter nap. Right before they went to sleep the deer heard an unusual patting sound. He went to go see what it was but all he saw was a weird looking house. He looked at it for a minute. Then he thought it might harm the animals so he went to see the curious cardinal. The cardinal listened to the deer's story carefully. Then the curious cardinal told all the animals that he was planning a search party first thing in the morning. They all got up in the morning. When the owl woke up he asked where they were going. The cardinal said," We're going to investigate an unusual snow building". They went inside. They didn't find money, they found food so they munched and munched on it until they got tired. From that day on they went to the snow building every day. One day they saw a boy and girl come. They thought that the boy and girl were going to take over the house. A few days passed and they found out the children had built the snow building. They weren't trying to take over the building. Instead they were adding food so the animals had food for the winter. they lived happily ever after. The End.

By Joe C.


Stranger In The Woods

Once upon a time there was a woods that had alot of animals but the animals never played or had any fun. One day there was a boy and a girl that just moved from California to New York. They liked to build snow Creatures. They said, "We should build a game board." So they did. They liked Millenniumopoly. They made that game board. It was very pretty when it was all done. The doe saw it and said," I will tell the others that we should have a game night. We will ask the people who made it to build another one." They did. One night the animals, the boy and the girl got together and had a game night. They had alot of fun and said they will do it again.

By Andrea

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Stranger In The Woods

One day two kids built a snow angel. It would help the animals find their way home. So they don't get lost. Their parents wouldn't be worried and theirparents wouldn't be trying to find them. A little deer saw the snow angel. He wished that he could go home and play with his brothers and sisters. He would never run off again. He asked the snow angel of hecould go home. It said," I will give you your wish."  It did and the little deer was happy.

By Crysta


Stranger In The Woods

A snow scooter was in the forest . The animals were bored and then started to ride it. They were having fun. "This scooter is big,"said the deer and he saw another scooter. He started to ride it. Two kids left them there because they didn't want to ride them. The animals kept them forever.

By Chris


Stranger In The Woods

One day the animals were playing and then the deer said," I hear something very strange." All of the animals stopped playing. They heard it too. The bird said," It is coming from the bushes." The rabbit said," Why doesn't some one go see." The deer said,"I will go." He went and a big wolf jumped out of the bushes. The deer ran back to the others and told them. It was time for bed and at night a little girl sneaked out made and made a snowman monster. The next morning the animals saw the snowman monster. The rabbit said, "I hear something." It was the wolf but when he saw the snowman monster he ran away.

By Catherine

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Stranger In The Woods

One day a stranger named John put a snow TV in the woods. Next morning the animals woke up and saw the snow TV. They watched Rugrats and Scooby Doo. They liked the TV shows that they were watching. They kept the snow TV.

By Samantha


Stranger In The Woods

Once every winter there was a hunter that came in a forest. He hunted when the animals were hibernating. One year a snow cookie machine was in the woods and the hunter put a zillion quarters in the cookie machine. A zillion cookies bags came out. Instead of hunting he bought cookies. His wife said, "Who made the cookie machine"?   He never found out.

By Eric


Stranger In The Woods

Once upon a time a little girl sewed a snowman doll. It was a boy. His name was John. The little girl sewed John a furry coat. Then she had to go to bed. When she fell asleep the snowman doll came alive like magic. The snowman doll walked to the woods. When he got there he saw a snow girl doll. They met. Her name is Nicky. They became friends and stayed in the woods.

By Kristina

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Stranger In The Woods

My dad built the most fascinating snowman. He was tremendous. At least eight feet tall. Of course he was the purist of white driven snow. His scarf made of Christmas lights sparkled like a rainbow of colorful sparkles. His face brightly smiled in the mid-winter snow. He magically brought happiness to all who gazed upon him.

By Bridgette


Stranger In The Woods

Once upon a time my brother and I built a snow cat in the woods. It looked a little like a tiger. One day a fawn saw the snow cat and the fawn was afraid. When her dad saw the snow cat he knocked it down with his antlers. That was the end of the snow cat.

By Krystal

Stranger In The Woods

Once upon a time in the woods there was a cabin. In the cabin lived a mom and two children. They made a snow jungle gym when they were done they went home at night. The animals played on the jungle gym. When the woke up they looked out the window they saw the animals. They ran outside and they played together. They lived happily ever after.

By Nicole R.

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New York State Learning Standard
Math, Science and Technology: Standard 6
Interconnectedness: Common Themes
Students will understand the relationships and common themes that connect mathematics, science, and technology and apply the themes to these and other areas of learning.

English Language Arts: Standard 2
Language for Literary Response and Expression
As speakers and writers, students will use oral and written language that follows the accepted conventions of the English language for self-expression and artistic creation

Standard 4
Language for Social Interaction
Students will listen, speak, read, and write for social interaction. 

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