Mrs. Cook's First Grade Class
Breckinridge  Elementary School
Lexington, Kentucky


Here in Kentucky we are having a very snowy winter! Our first grade class was studying penguins, so we decided to read Tacky in Trouble by Helen Lester. We met her at our school, she came and read stories to us.

In our project we have retold 6 parts of the story and illustrated them for you. Our teacher divided us up into six pairs of students. We did something really neat with our technology teachers when we illustrated our pictures.

In our computer lab each pair of students used the computer to draw on the same picture at the same time!!!  It was really cool! We used Microsoft Netmeeting software which allowed us to share our computer screens with our partner. We had a lot of fun drawing with our partner. We hope you like it too!

We used all of the NETS standards in our project.

The Kentucky Standard we addressed was Goal 1.16
Students will use computers and other kinds of technology to collect, organize, and communicate information and ideas.

Here are our pictures and the story!

tacky1.gif (6947 bytes)

tacky2.gif (4655 bytes)

tacky3.gif (5808 bytes)

tacky4.gif (6482 bytes)

tacky5.gif (8320 bytes)

tacky6.gif (13060 bytes)

frostyhome.gif (2940 bytes)