Dress Frostina

Frostina is Frosty's sister.  Mix and match some of her outfits by dragging the pictures with your mouse.  You may wonder why there is a Mets cap.   Frostina is a Mets fan and thinks about her team even in the winter!  It was difficult to get a custom fit for Frostina since her body shape is a little unusual.   You can also add a little scenery to this picture.

frostina.gif (1631 bytes)pants.gif (1974 bytes)tree.gif (2160 bytes)frostinabook.gif (1992 bytes)
dress.gif (1252 bytes)mail.gif (1228 bytes)cape.gif (1536 bytes)blouse2.gif (1103 bytes)
blouse.gif (1488 bytes)mets.gif (1157 bytes)skirt.gif (1935 bytes)mitten2.gif (1240 bytes)
mitten1.gif (1237 bytes)hat.gif (1195 bytes)flake1.gif (1135 bytes)sun.gif (1144 bytes)scarf.gif (1824 bytes) 
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