First Grade Classes
Split Rock  Elementary School
Camillus, New York


First graders in Mrs. Keevil's and Mrs. Romano's class enjoyed listening to the worldless picture book, First Snow, by Emily Arnold McCully. They decided to write their own interpretation of the story and illustrate their version with Kid Pix drawing program. We hope you enjoy the new version of First Snow.

Our project meets New York State's Standard 2:
Students will read, write, listen and speak for literary response and expression.

The mouse family woke up and saw that their truck was covered with snow. They grabbed their shovels and started to dig out their truck. They started to load their sleds into the back of the truck.

Off they went until they got to a steep, snowy hill. The truck couldn't get up the hill so a mouse got out and pushed the truck up a straight line. Finally, they made it. Oh! What a good time they had. They ice skated, built a snowman, went sledding and even made snow mice angels.

They carried and pushed their sleds to the top of a big hill. Hooray! They made it! Zoom! Down they went. Crash! All of a sudden they saw one little mouse stuck at the top of the hill. Down, down, down she went. Over she goes. Watch out. Kaboom! They put their sleds back on the truck. The mouse in pink didn't want to go. Time for dinner.

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