Ms. Brooks and Ms. Hart
Hurlbutt Elementary School
Weston, Connecticut


Ms. Harts' 2nd graders and Ms. Brooks' 1st graders collaborated on a winter story called The Mitten by Jan Brett. Before we read the story about the animals finding the mitten and using it for a home, using a simple outline of a mitten the children came up with the many, varied, and unusual ways to transform a mitten. Then they voted on the most unusual mittens. You will find them here on the web page. After reading the story and discussing the different kinds of animals we discussed what might happen if the animals lived in the same apartment building. We gave consideration to the habitat and nature of each animal. Pictures of some of the rooms in this unique apartment building are also on display on this web page. We had such a great time exploring The Mitten and adding our projects to the web site Frosty Readers.

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