Mrs. Nash's Class
Cumberland  Elementary School
Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

Best Wishes Ed
by James Stevenson


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In this story Ed the penguin lives happily with his pals on an ice island in the Antarctic Ocean. Their only worry is being splashed by Ernest, a whale who doesn’t notice penguins. One night their ice island breaks in two and Ed finds himself alone on his own ice floe. Convinced that he will be alone for the rest of his life, Ed writes “I GIVE UP” in the snow. A tern who spots the message asks Ed to write more messages for other birds. To thank Ed, the tern tells Ernest about Ed, and the whale carries Ed back to his friends.

The Assignments

1. Write a different ending telling about Ed getting off the iceberg in a different country.  Be sure to tell what happens to him now!  Tell which country he is in. Your new ending must be 2-3 paragraphs long.  You need to create illustrations for your work.

2. Pretend you are Ed!  Ernest has brought you back home.   Back to your familiar environment and to all your good friends. You want to show your appreciation for Ernest. Create an award that you would give him.  Also design an invitation to a celebration where Ernest will be honored and given the special award.

The Presenters
Alex: Grade 2
Carmen: Grade 2
Emily: Grade 2

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From Emily

Ed jumped on Ernest’s back and they swam away! They swam for a very long time. When they reached land they saw lots of little people with pointy ears. They also saw a reindeer with a red nose. In back of them there was a house made of candy. “We must be at the North Pole” said Ed.  Ed walked around and then he saw Santa Claus. “Wow, we are at the North pole!” yelled Ed. Ed was so excited that he ran up to Santa. Santa said “Well, a little penguin. Where did you come from?” “I was in Antarctica and my friend Ernest and I swam here looking for my island.” “Oh” said Santa. “Well this is a nice place up here. Are there any other penguins up here?” asked Ed. “Yes, there are a bunch over there.” “Thank you” said Ed. “I will go ask the other penguins if they know where my island is.” Ed walked over to the penguins and asked “Do you know where my island is?” “What does it look like?” asked a little penguin. “Well it’s big and it has a lot os snow on it.” “No I haven’t but it is getting close to Christmas. You can ask Santa for a ride in the sleigh.” Ed felt very happy when the little penguin gave him the idea. “Thank you “ called Ed. He went to ask Santa for a ride home. Santa said yes, so on christmas Eve Santa took Ed back to his old island and left presents for all of the penguins. When they woke up Bettty said “Ed’s back.” “Hurray!” said Freddy and Al and they opened their presents.

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Carmen’s Ending

When Ed got up the next morning, he found a surprise. There was a large basket with five ropes attached to it. Step in my friend so you can go home. Suddenly there was a large splat! Then Ernest appeared. how did you know i needed help exclaimed Ed. I looked up in the sky and saw a message from the birds that said ED NEEDS HELP! Ed said “I thank all of you, how can i ever repay you.” Ed said good-bye and off they went. Traveling along they began to see beautiful fireworks and hear wonderful sounds. Ernest said “We are in China, they are celebrating Chinese new Year, would you like to stop?” “Oh yes!” Ed exclaimed. Ed made a really big snake and joined the celebration. he also made a new friend. her name was Ashley. Ed’s new friend took him to the best restaurant in China. Ed tried Sushi, Soy chicken wings, and Blowfish. The food was delici ous. “Thank you for the great time” Ed said while hugging Ashley, “but, it’s time for me to go. My friend Ernest is waiting to take me home.” “Ernest, I’m ready for my venture home. Thank you for stopping. I had a wonderful time and I made a friend!” It wasn’t long until Ed arrived home and began to hear cheers of his friends and family. Then they began to play together happily.

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Alex S.’ Ending

Ed’s island floats up into the Atlantic Ocean. When the island stops Ed gets off in Argentina. Ed sees a blue jay and asks him where he is. The blue jay says he is in Argentina, one of the closest countries to Antarctica. Ed says thank you then finds some turtles. Ed jumps from one turtles back to the next eventually getting close to the other island. Ed can see Betty, Freddy and Al standing next to a basket. Ed said “throw me the basket.” His friends threw him the basket that had a rope tied to it and pulled him ashore. They were all happy again. They celebrated with a big dinner. Everyday they played together. No islands ever broke again. They all lived happily ever after.

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Technology Standards

Standard One: Students will demonstrate the ability to use a variety of technology tools in order to facilitate and demonstrate learning.

2.1 Locate and use letter, numbers, symbols (period, question mark, arrows) and special keys (shift, space, delete, caps lock, escape).

2.2 Demonstrate beginning word processing techniques (font, size, style, line spacing, justification and graphics).

Standard Two: Students will use technology to communicate in different ways.

2.1 Communicate electronically using Email and fax under teacher supervision. 2.2 utilize software to create simple publication. 2.3 Generate ideas to share on grade level web pages.

Standard three: Students will understand and operate computer systems and other hardware.

2.1 Identify the functions of the physical components of a computer suystem (monitor, keyboard, disk drive) 2.2 perform the basic functions of a computer and other technology tools (on/off, open/close, save/delete, print)

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