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Please send feedback to Susan and Pattie.

Dear Pattie and Susan:
Thanks so much for hosting this project.  Now I have a long list of new   activites for future first grade winters!
I especially liked showing how the states' literacy and technology standards are being implemented all across the country.  Wish our politicians could see  this!  
Looking forward to another project with you!
Marci  McGowan, Grade 1, Spring Lake, NJ

My First Graders are enjoying participating in this program. Thank you for making us aware of this. The students are having fun listening to the books and drawing pictures about the stories. They really enjoyed Mrs. Shoesmith taking digital movie of them in their little groups. They shared what the books were about.
Vickie Berner

We loved participating in the project and appreciated your expediency in uploading the whole thing to the Internet. We would like to participate again sometime.
Thank you,
Mary Humphrey

Dear Pattie and Susan,
Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this Frosty Reader project. The children in my class loved seeing themselves at the web site. They felt so important!   I continue to get loads of great ideas from
other teachers when I browse through your site. I think it's really  neat that teachers from all over the country are so willing to share their wonderful ideas.   Many of the ideas are great for all types of literature, not just winter books!
When I need a creative idea I can just go look under Frosty Readers!
Thanks again,
Diane Ward

Mrs. Briggs and the Frosty Readers 2001 Project Assessment

Our class read two stories for this project. These books were “Snow Dance,” by Lezlie Evans and “A Little Bit of Winter,” by Paul Stewart. On two separate occasions these winter theme books were read to the class. We then had several group discussions about the stories.

Reading these books and discussing them, plus working on the activities related to the stories, provided an integrated learning experience for this first grade class. They explored opportunities to incorporate literature, creative story writing, poetry, and illustrations using a personal and meaningful experience. The class worked cooperatively in small groups brainstorming ideas and choosing activities they felt were appropriate. By evoking ideas, the students were able to build vocabulary, share views, learn cooperation, discuss feelings, and show their creativity in the drawings, poems, and creative writing. They decided on three activities – write a poem, draw a picture about the story, or write about their favorite part.

Each student chose one activity to complete. These were then scanned, saved as “.jpg” files and subsequently added to the district web site. The teacher chose two samples from each of the three activities, one for each story, to submit to the Frosty Readers 2001 project site.

We thought this was an incredibly meaningful project. Working with the students, we could see their enthusiasm while creating their masterpieces! The fact that they were able to share them with the Internet community and see other student’s work, provided both closure and the expanding realization of the vastness and meaning of their ideas.

Dear Patty and Susan,
Thank you for all your hard work in setting up Frosty Readers 2001. My class enjoyed Stone Fox and being part of the project. It was one of the best projects that we did as a class this year... Thank you again...
Susan Luerssen, Terryville Elementary School, Port Jefferson Station, New York

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