Here is the chance for our Frosty Reader student participants to take part in the assessment process.  Kids, we want to hear what you have to say!  Please e-mail us your comments.  Be honest, we can take it!
Mrs. Silverman and Mrs. Knox

From Mrs. Reese's Class, Port Jefferson Station, New York

Danielle D: I liked making the snow animals.

Jackie: I liked doing the same marshmallow activity as Mrs. McGowen's class

Jordan: I liked working with Kid Pix

Robert: I liked making the snow dough

Kayla: I liked dressing Frostina and Frosty

Allison: I liked doing the hardest puzzle on the online activities page

Matthew: I liked the online activities.

Paul: We liked learning poems by looking at the work Mrs. McGowen's class had on their web page. Our poems were dynamite.

Kristina: I liked reading on the computer

Taylor: I liked seeing the work that other classes did. It gave us good ideas.

Brandon: I liked drawing our snow creatures on Kid Pix.

Luke: I liked seeing our class work on the Frosty Readers web site.


Dear Frosty Teachers,

Our teacher showed us the projects other classes did.   We like ALL of them and the snowmen pictures and the second grade that wrote  important things about snowflakes.  We just wrote about our important things  too!  Thank you for letting us join your project.
Mrs. McGowan's first grade class in Spring Lake, NJ

From Mrs. J. Segreto's Class East Islip, NY

Our class enjoyed this working on this project and viewing others children's work. Here is what some of the children said:

To Robert: I like your snow dough snake. -Eddie

To Jeff: Your picture is beautiful. Once I read Snow Dance! - Kelsey

To Donnell: I like your poem about A Little Bit of Winter. - Daria

Tacky: You have a good drawing of a cat. -Carly

to Robert: I like your snake because it has all different colors. It is shaped like an S. -Tara

to Elizabeth: I think your snowman pictures came out very nice.

to Tyler: I think your pictures of a coyote came out very nice.

Mrs. Applebaums Class: I would like to read some of the books you ead. -Gina

to Tyler: I like your picture of what you wrote about coyotes. -Keith

to Tyler: I like your picture, It is so cool. - Jonathan

to Carmen: You used good words to describe things in your story. -Maureen

Courtney. - I would love to read the book that you read to get all the information on rabbits. -Gabrielle


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