Mrs. Underwood's Third Grade Class
St. Thomas More School
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Frosty Readers 2001:

Most of my 3rd grade students have never experienced snow, unless you count a few flurries every 4 or 5 years! I decided to have a Snow Day as part of our participation in Frosty Readers. We studied snowflakes and weather in math and science, and all my students helped decorate the classroom with falling snowflakes.

My language arts class did an author study of Jan Brett books. We loved the stories and illustrations in The Mitten, The Hat, Annie and the Wild Animals, Trouble with Trolls, and The Wild Christmas Reindeer. Afterwards, we discussed common elements among the books and designed graphic organizers to illustrate our ideas. We also enjoyed performing a Reader’s Theater script "The Mitten" by Lisa Blau.

Our class web page includes a description of the day


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Our Frosty Readers project met the following Louisiana Content Standards in Language Arts:
  • Students read, comprehend, and respond to a range of materials, using a variety of strategies for different purposes.

ELA-1-E4: identifying story elements (e.g., setting, plot, character, theme) and literary devices (e.g., figurative language, dialogue) within a selection;

  • Students demonstrate competence in speaking and listening as tools for learning and communicating.

ELA-4-E4: giving rehearsed and unrehearsed presentations;

  • Students apply reasoning and problem solving skills to their reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and visually representing.

ELA-7-E1: using comprehension strategies (e.g., sequencing, predicting, drawing conclusions, comparing and contrasting, making inferences, determining main ideas) in contexts ;

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