Thank you for visiting Frosty Readers 2001.  Please e-mail us your feedback. 
Susan and Pattie

Dear Mrs. Reese's Class:

Thank you so much for letting Thirteen videotape your Frosty Readers project. You were fabulous hosts, and Karen, Greg, Caleb, Mike and I had fun spending two days with you. We loved your snow creatures, stories and illustrations. We were impressed with your Snow Song and your mental math, too!

Remember the "puzzle" that Greg told you about? All of the pictures he took of you while we were there are parts of the puzzle. I'm putting the puzzle together now. It will be completed in the spring, and I think you will like it!


Dear Mrs. Weber's Class:

You are awesome!

I am a video producer from a PBS TV station in New York City. I got to visit your buddies in Mrs. Reese's class at Boyle Road Elementary in Port Jefferson Station, New York, to see what they were doing for the Frosty Readers project.

The best part of the project was when Mrs. Reese's class received the stories YOU wrote about their snow creatures!! They were in their school library when their teacher gave them the stories, and they ran all over the room to show one another what you had written. You made your buddies so happy. Thank you!!


What a great site!!! I am a parent with two children in a private school in Pennsylvania. Our school been equipped with a very impressive technology program.  However, my children are very rarely using technology in their classrooms.   I am in the process of compiling examples for our Vice Principal so that hopefully our school can start to integrate technology into our curriculum. Thank you for developing such a wonderful site.
Pat Ellman

Mrs. Singer's Second Graders from Terryville Road School is always excited to participate and visit Mrs. Silverman's projects.

Russell: I liked to dress Frosty and Frostina in their clothes.

Nicole: Matching the snowflakes was fun. It was a little hard but I still enjoyed playing the game.

Dylan: I liked doing the harder version of the snowman puzzle.

Samantha: It was fun to read stories about penguins.

Andrew: Unscrambling the hat puzzle was the best.

The whole class enjoyed reading different endings to many favorite books.

Dear Mrs. Silverman,

You continue to astound and amaze me. Your Internet Projects touch the lives of so many. You have found a way to bring teachers and children together to make connections that they may never have known possible!

Students are able to participate in an exciting project and I'd love to see their smiling faces as their work and/or pictures get posted online. What a way to encourage and promote the writing process. You have opened the doors to for students to write for a much larger audience. It may be the first time they have truly felt they have "published work".

Teachers can always take away so much from your sites. Whether they are participants of the projects of not. There is so much to learn and so much fun to be had. You can come away with ideas that you can incorporate into your own classroom as well as find teachers and classrooms with which you can make connections.

Visiting your site is always like an adventure. I look forward to the varied backgrounds, music and overall design of your pages. You are very creative and you design your pages with the kids in mind.

The interactive projects that you and Patty created are wonderful! I know they must have taken quite a bit of time.

Thanks and hats off to you and Patty for putting up such a valuable resource and for creating your online projects. Thanks for taking a bite out of this cold and wintery season by warming the hearts of many!

Cathy Chamberlain Technology Integration Specialist Oswego City School District

Dear Sue,

Wow! I have been visiting your Frosty Readers Website.  I love what the teachers have been doing with it.  Mrs. Reese and Mrs Applebaum's projects were amazing.  The children were immersed in a fun, interdisciplinary project that met both ELA, The Arts and Social Studies standards. Your guidance and expertise certainly is making an impact on our faculty.
Terrific job.

Linda Taylor, Norwood Principal


Hello Pattie and Susan!

What an amazing project Frosty Readers! Every year your projects are reaching new levels. Your online activities for this project are truly wonderful!

Thanks for the time and energy that you have devoted to make online learning for students fun and exciting, while reaching standards of learning.

Keep up the wonderful work!

Tammy Payton webmaster for Buddy System Project
Franklin Science Museum Online Educators 1998-2000
Milken National Educator 1998


I have just visited the Frosty Readers 2001. What an exciting journey through winter literature! I was very impressed with the level of student technology use, as well as the variety of activities teachers developed for the project. Teachers ask me frequently how they can integrate technology into the daily routines, and I think this project is a perfect example of how it is done. I will be sharing the site address in my technology classes.

Congratulations on the completion of another fantastic project!

Susan Nixon CPT, Cartwright District Phoenix, AZ


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