Mrs. Accurso's Second Grade
Van Cortlandtville Elementary
Mohegan Lake, New York
The Hat


Book Review
The Hat by Jan Brett

This frosty story is based on the Ukrainian folk tale The Mitten.

In this story, Lisa hangs her clothing on the clothesline outside in the fresh air. She doesn't realize that she has dropped one of her woolen stockings.

Curious Hedgie finds the stocking and pokes his nose where it doesn't belong! The stocking gets stuck on his prickles and before he knows it he has a new "hat".

Hedgie is very embarrassed , but he convinces the other animals that he is the clever one because he is the only one with a hat.

You will love the funny ending to this tale.

Our class enjoyed this story so much that we decided to do an author study on Jan Brett.


Have fun with our games.
Frosty Animal Match-up
"The Hat" Hangman

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