One of the objectives of this project is to provide a model of activities that can be replicated in the classroom.   Below is a list of books that our participants have chosen.  For your convenience you can order them online by clicking on the book title.

You may want to first read the book to your students and then have them see the completed work.  Another idea is to have your students view the showcased page and then read the story.  In previous Frosty projects teachers reported that after seeing student work, some children were so motivated to read the book that they went to their own libraries to obtain a copy.

Atwater, Richard & Florence- Mr. Popper's Penguins

Biachi, John- Snowed in at Pokeweed Public School

Brett, Jan- The Hat

Brett, Jan- The Mitten

Briggs Martin, Jacqueline- Snowflake Bentley

Burton, Virginia Lee- Katy and the Big Snow

Carle, Eric- Dream Snow

Carr, Jan- Frozen Noses

Chapman, Cheryl- Snow on Snow on Snow

Craighead George, Jean- Snow Bear

Cuyler, Margery- The Biggest, Best Snowman

Ehlert, Lois- Snowballs

Frost, Robert- Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Gay, Marie Louise- Stella Queen of the Snow

Gershator, Phyllis- When it Starts to Snow

Hader, Bertha- The Big Snow

"I Can Ready by Myself"- Hungry Snowman

Kimball Moulton, Mark- A Snowman Named Just Bob

Lester, Helen- Three Cheers for Tacky

Maass, Robert- When Winter Comes

Mendez, Phil- The Black Snowman

Manuel, Lynn- The Night the Moon Blew Kisses

Munsch, Robert- 50 below 0

Reid, Suzan- The Wild Toboggan Ride

San Souci, Daniel- North Country Night

Stoick, Jean- Stranger in the Woods

Van Lann, Nancy- When Winter Comes

Yolen, Jane- Owl Moon

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